This British plant grows in almost any soil, and may be raised from seeds or division. The Pot Marjoram (0. Onites) is a native of Sicily, and is propagated from cuttings in early summer, or by division in spring. It likes warm, dryish soil. The Sweet or Knotted Marjoram (0. Majorana) is a tender Egyptian biennial. It is raised annually from seeds sown broadcast or in drills on warm borders in spring; or it may be raised in a hotbed and afterwards planted out in May. The Winter Sweet Marjoram (0. Heracleoticum) is a hardy South European perennial, increased by division in spring or autumn. The aromatic leaves of the various kinds are used for seasoning soups, etc. The shoots are cut as the plants are coming into flower, and are hung up in the shade to dry slowly, being afterwards stored for use.