The exhibition for the Southern division was held at the Royal Nursery, Slough, on July 25th. This exhibition, which was instituted for the purpose of testing the merits of northern and southern raised Carnations and Picotees, had excited considerable interest amongst the growers of these flowers before the show, and a fine display was the result. Nearly thirty stands were put up for competition, independently of a large number of blooms for class-shewing. From the following awards it will be seen that southern-raised flowers gained the day both in Carnations and Picotees.

Northern-Raised Carnations, 6 Blooms

1st, Mr. Turner, Slough, for Admiral Curzon, Princess (Taylor), Premier (Millwood), Cradley Pet, Splendour, and Lord Milton; 2d, Mr. Barringer, Bedford, for Paul Pry, King of Scarlets, Admiral Curzon, Lord Milton, Premier, and Lovely Ann; 3d, Mr. Dodwell, Derby, for Premier, Admiral Curzon, Seedling, Beauty of Woodhouse, Squire Trow, and Pyracan-thus; 4th, Mr. Bragg, Slough, for Defiance, Squire Trow, Henry Kirke White, Paul Pry, King of Scarlets, and Beauty of Woodhouse; 5th, Mr. Willmer, Sunbury, for King of Scarlets, Victory, True Briton, Squire Meynell, Rainbow, and Queen of England.

Southern Carnations

1st, Mr. Turner, for Duncan (May), Justice Shallow (May), Princess Royal (Puxley), Howard (Puxley), Owen Glendower (May), and Lorenzo (May); 2d, Mr. Bragg, for Flora's Garland, Hero of Middlesex, Prince Albert, Prince Arthur, Sarah Payne, and Conquering Hero; 3d, Mr. Keynes, Salisbury, for Prince Albert (Hale), Sarah Payne, Flora's Garland, Prince of Wales (Puxley), Lord Rancliffe, and Prince Albert (Puxley); 4th, Morgan May, Esq., Sonning, for Timon (May), Percy (May), Falconbridge (May), Bardolph (May), Bolingbroke (May), and Prince Albert (Puxley); 5 th, Mr. Edwards, Hollo way, for Sarah Payne, Harriet, Prince Albert (Hale), Julia, Flora's Garland, and Lydia.

Southern Picotees

1 st, Mr. Turner, for Princess Royal (Will-rner), Gem (Youell), Ophelia (May), Mrs. Barnard (Barnard), Queen Victoria (Green), and Cressida (May); 2d, Mr. Lockner, Paddington, for Princess Royal, Lady Harriet Moore (Turner), Lo-rina, Queen Victoria (Green), Mrs. Barnard, and Amy; 3d, Mr. May, for Cleopatra, Juliet, Ophelia, Viola, Princess Royal, and Beatrice; 4th, Mr. Bragg, for Gem, Venus, Princess Royal, Portia, Lady Alice Peel, and Jenny Lind; 5th, Mr. Keynes, for Lady Harriet Moore, Isabella (Wildman), Juliet (May), Princess Royal (Will-mer), Useful (Sealey), and Mrs. Barnard.

Northern Picotees

1st, Mr. Dodwell, for Mary (Dodwell), Miss Rosa (Merryweather), Prince of Wales (Marris), Alfred (Dodwell), Prince Albert (Marris), and Seedling 26 (Dodwell); 2d, Mr.Turner, for Prince Albert (Marris), Unexpected (Marris), Prince of Wales (Marris), Duke of Rutland (Hollyoake), Alfred (Dodwell), and Mary (Dodwell); 3d, Mr. Keynes, for Proconsul, Emma, Prince Albert, Lady Sale, Lord John Russell, and Privateer; 4th, Mr. Willmer, for Mr. Green, Prince of Wales, Field Marshal, Fair Ellen, Emperor, and Emily.

The premier prizes between the first stands of northern and southern flowers had to be decided after the other awards. Mr. Turner's stands of southern-raised flowers gained the premier prizes both in Carnations and Picotees.

Class-Shewing Carnations. Scarlet Bizarres

1st, Mr. Turner, for Emperor (Puxley); 2d, ditto, for Admiral Curzon; 3d, Mr. Keynes, for Prince Albert (Hale); 4th, Mr. Turner, for Bardolph (May). Crimson Bizarres: 1st, Mr. Turner, for Lord Milton; 2d, Mr. Young, Twyford, for Seedling; 3d, ditto, for Seedling; 4th, Mr. Turner, for Lord Milton. Pink Bizarres: 1st, Mr. Turner, for Henry Kirke White (Taylor); 2d, Mr. May, for Falconbridge (May); 3d, Mr. Turner, for Falconbridge (May); 4th, Mr. Keynes, for Twyford Perfection. Scarlet Flakes: 1st, Mr. Turner, for Justice Shallow (May); 2d, Mr. Keynes, for William IV.; 3d, Mr. Turner, for Justice Shallow (May); 4th, Mr. Edwards, for Lydia. Purple Flakes: 1st, Mr. Adams, for Premier (Millwood); 2d, Mr. Turner, for Perfection (Puxley); 3d, ditto, for Great Northern (Ely); 4th, Mr. Adams, for Lord Byron. Pink Flakes: 1st, Mr. Willmer, for Flora's Garland; 2d, Mr. Adams, for Prince Arthur; 3d, Mr. Willmer, for Rosetta; 4th, Mr. Turner, for Ariel (May).

Picotees. Heavy Red Edge

1st, Mr. Adams, for Prince of Wales (Marris); 2d, Mr. Dodwell, for Prince of Wales (Marris); 3d, ditto, for Prince of Wales (Marris); 4th, Mr. Turner, for King.

James (Headley). Light Red Edge

1st, Mr. Dodwell, for Mary (Dodwell); 2d, ditto, for Mary (Dodwell); 3d, Rev. A. Matthews, for Cassandra; 4th, Mr. Turner, for Gem (Youell). Light Purple: 1st, Mr. Turner, for Prince Albert; 2d, Mr. Bragg, for Juliet; 3d, Rev. A. Matthews, for Purity; 4th, ditto, for Circe. Heavy Purple: 1st, Mr. Turner, for Alfred (Dodwell); 2d, ditto, for Viola (May); 3d, ditto, for Seedling (May); 4th, Mr. May, for Viola. Light Rose: 1st, Mr. Turner, for Mrs. Barnard; 2d, ditto, for Mrs. Barnard; 3d, ditto, for Mrs. Barnard; 4th ditto, for Countess Howe (Hollyoake). Heavy Rose: 1st, Mr. Turner, for Queen Victoria (Green); 2d, ditto, for Venus, (Headley); 3d, ditto, for Venus (Headley); 4th, ditto, for Unexpected (Marris).

Aug. 7

The exhibition for the Northern division was held in Derby, in connexion with the Midland Horticultural Society; and as far as the Carnations and Picotees were concerned, it proved preeminently satisfactory. Middlesex, Surrey, Bucks, Bedford, Oxford, Nottingham, Leicester, Warwick, Stafford, Lincoln, Lancashire, Wilts, and Yorkshire, were duly represented both by flowers and delegates. Thirty-six stands of sixes, 15 boxes of twelves, and upwards of 1000 single specimens, were systematically arranged, and entirely filled the large table in the centre of the County Hall. The awards were as follows:

Northern Carnations (In Sixes)

1st, Mr. Dodwell, for Princess, Admiral Curzon, Seedling 31, Seedling 47, Seedling 32, Premier; 2d, Mr. Haines, for Black Diamond (Haines), Hamlet, Lady Ely, Squire Meynell, William IV. (Wilson), Lord Lewisham; 3d, Mr. Turner, for Miss Rushin, Lord Lewisham, Seedling (Hollyoake), Admiral Curzon, Seedling (Marris), Lord Byron; 4th, Mr. Buswell, for Lord Byron, Admiral Curzon, Ocean Queen, King of Scarlets, Bellerophon, Lord Milton; 5th, Mr. Bayley, for Seedling (Dodwell), Lord Milton, True Briton, Admiral Curzon, Squire Meynell, Seedling (Dodwell).

Southern Carnations

1st, Mr. Turner, for Flora's Garland, Emperor (Puxley), Poins (May), Jenny Lind (Puxley), Tybalt (May), Ariel (May); 2d, Mr. Haines, for May's Hotspur, Flora's Garland, Apollo, Ariel, Excellent, Venus (Willmer); 3d, Mr. Dodwell, for Firebrand, President, Apollo, Lord Rancliffe, Ariel, Prince Albert; 4th, Mr. Edwards, for Queen, Mary Ann, Ariel, Lord Rancliffe, Hero of Middlesex, Flora's Garland; 5th, Mr. Bragg, for Ariel, Flora's Garland, Prince Albert, Sarah, Payne, Prince de Nassau, Princess Royal.

Northern Picotees

1st, Mr. Turner, for Victoria Regina (Marris), Alfred (Dodwell), Countess Howe (Marris), Duke of Rutland (Hollyoake), Grace Darling (Marris), Alice (Dodwell); 2d, Mr. Dodwell, for Alfred (Dodwell), Princess Royal (Marris), Prince of Wales (Marris), Fanny (Dodwell), Miss Rosa (Merrywether), Duke of Rutland (Hollyoake); 3d, Mr. Bayley, for Seedling (Dodwell), Prince of Wales, Seedling (Dodwell), Iphigenia (Marris), Seedling (Dodwell), Seedling (Dodwell); 4th, Mr. Haines, for Prince of Wales, Prince Albert (Marris), Miss Rosa, Seedling (Hudson), Seedling (Haines), Proconsul; 5th, Mr. Merrywether, for Miss Rosa, Mrs. Wood (Merrywether), Lady Franklin (Merrywether), Lady Sale (Ely), Seedling 35.

Southern Picotees

1st, Mr. Turner, for Mrs. Barnard, Juliet (May), Cleopatra (May), Green's Queen, Viola (May), Lorina (Burroughes); 2d, Mr. Merrywether, for President, Delicata (Hol-liday), Jessica (May), Princess Royal (Willmer), Mrs. Barnard, Green's Queen; 3d, Mr. Dodwell, for Green's Queen, Juliet, Mrs. Barnard, Lorina, Venus (Headley), Gem (Youell); 4th, Mr. Bragg, for Gem, Lady Harriet Moore, Princess Royal, Juliet, Venus, Jenny Lind; 5th, Mr. Bayley, for Isabella, Mrs. Barnard, Juliet, Lorina, Venus, Princess Alice (Wood).

Single Blooms In Classes. Scarlet Bizarres

1st, Admiral Cur-zon, Mr. Buswell; 2d, ditto, Mr. Haines; 3d, ditto, Messrs. Schole-field; 4th, Seedling. Crimson Bizarres: 1st, Jenny Lind, Mr. Turner; 2d, ditto, ditto; 3d, ditto, ditto; 4th, Black Diamond, Mr. Haines. Pink Bizarres: 1st, Prince Albert, Mr. Bragg. (The paucity of blooms in this class prevented any further award.) Purple Flakes: 1st, Squire Meynell, Mr. Buswell; 2d, Lord Byron, ditto; 3d, Premier, Mr. Barringer; 4th, Squire Meynell, Mr. Haines. Scarlet Flakes: 1st, Duke of Devonshire, Mr. Barringer; 2d, ditto, ditto; 3d, ditto, ditto; 4th, ditto, ditto. Rose Flakes: 1st, Lady Ely, Mr. Haines; 2d, ditto, ditto; 3d, Princess Royal, Mr. Turner; 4th, Flora's Garland, Mr. Haines. Heavy Red-edged Picotees: 1st, Picnic, Mr. Harrison; 2d, Isabella, Mr. Haines; 3d, Picnic, Mr. Harrison; 4th, King James, Messrs. Scholefield. Light Red: 1st, Seedling 70, Mr. Dodwell; 2d, Paymaster, Mr. Harrison; 3d, Gem, Mr. Buswell; 4th, ditto, Mr. Barringer. Heavy Purple: 1st, 2d, 3d, Alfred, Mr. Dodwell. Light Purple: 1st, Leader, Mr. Barringer; 2d, Leader, ditto; 3d, Juliet, Mr. Turner; 4th, ditto, Mr. Dodwell. Heavy Rose: 1st, Green's Queen, Mr. Turner; 2d, ditto, Mr. Dodwell; 3d, Venus, Mr. Turner; 4th, Victoria Regina, ditto.

Light Rose: 1st, Mrs. Barnard, Mr. Dodwell; 2d, ditto, ditto; 3d, ditto, ditto.

The premier prizes were awarded to Mr. Turner, of the Royal Nursery, Slough, for his stand of Southern Carnations, six magnificent specimens; and to his stand of Northern Picotees, also displaying the highest skill in cultivation, combined with the rarest quality. First-class certificates were awarded to Mr. Turner, for Puxley's Jenny Lind, C.B., decidedly the finest of its class; to Mr. Barringer, for his seedling scarlet flake, Duke of Devonshire; to Mr. Wood, for Robinson's Elizabeth (heavy red Picotee), a flower of fine properties, well margined with bright red, and extra fine in the white or ground-colour; and to Mr. Dodwell, for Alfred (heavy purple), a variety which has obtained a number of awards altogether unprecedented.

An immense number of seedlings was produced. Those especially calling for notice were Marris's Grace Darling, Countess Howe, Victoria Regina, and Hollyoake's Duke of Rutland (exhibited by Mr. Turner), all of first-class quality, and such as will hereafter be seen in every leading stand. Harrison's Picnic, as shewn, was too small to make a first-class flower; high cultivation may, however, remedy this.