Mr. Turner, desirous of promoting an agreeable intercourse amongst his brother exhibitors, advertised an exhibition of the above beautiful flowers, to be held in his grounds on July the 24th, on which day we proceeded to Slough. It is not often that we have such thorough enjoyment as we shared this day, in common with every one present, and it was with great reluctance we were obliged to leave at an early hour. The large glass erection above alluded to was filled with pots of Carnations and Picotees, admirably arranged for their examination; and a wonderful display they made. There were present the first cultivators and exhibitors of the day; and all agreed that such a sight had never been witnessed before. But what pleased us even more than the flowers, was the excellent spirit which was present, convincing us that it requires but a more frequent and friendly association in this way entirely to banish those miserable jealousies which have unhappily been too much fostered by some who have misused for evil an instrument which should have been considered as entrusted to them for a far nobler purpose. But let that pass, - ours be the task, in a humble way, to promote, as far as possible, the spread of more generous sentiments.

Every thing that has this tendency shall have our hearty assistance; and we hope next season to promote a meeting of the same kind in our own grounds.

The Carnations and Picotees exhibited for competition were large and fresh. The following are the awards.

Carnations. Amateurs. Twelve Dissimilar Blooms

1st, Morgan May, Esq., Sonning, for May's Shylock, do. Antonio, do. Fal-staff, do. Lorenzo, do. Romeo, do. Justice Shallow, do. Percy, do. Bardolph, do. Ariel, Beauty of Woodhouse, Puxley's Prince Albert, P. P. B., do. S. B. - 2d, Mr. Newhall, Woolwich: Hero of Middlesex, Ariel, True Briton, Sealey's Princess Royal, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Lord Rancliffe, Bright Phoebus, Mr. Ban-ton, Lovely Ann, Georgiana, Squire Meynell, Princess. - 3d, Mr. J. Edwards, Holloway: Duke of York, William Penn, Prince Albert, Lady of the Lake, Sarah Payne, Prince Arthur, Dr. Solander, Georgiana, Harriet, True Briton, Flora's Garland, Lord Morpeth.

Open Class

1st, Mr. Norman, Woolwich: Hardwick's Firebrand, Flora's Garland, Squire Meynell, Hale's Prince Albert, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Royal Chancellor, Vivid, May's Edgar, Lord Rancliffe, Sarah Payne, Simpson's Queen, Splendid. - 2d, Mr. Ward, Woolwich: Flora's Garland, Squire Meynell, Bright Phoebus, Georgiana, Rainbow, Ariel, Lord Milton, Hale's Albert, Beauty of Brighouse, Puxley's Albert, Brutus, John Wright. - 3d, Mr. Willmer, Sunbury: Flora's Garland, Brutus, Rainbow, Duke of York, Huntsman, Duke of Bedford, Squire Trow, Count Pauline, Beauty of Woodhouse, Marquis of Chandos, Sarah Payne, Admiral Curzon.

Picotees. Amateurs. Twelve Dissimilar Blooms

1st, Morgan May, Esq., for May's Portia, do. Ann Page, do. Beatrice, do. Constance, do. Miranda, do. Juliet, do. Audrey, Mrs. Barnard, Mrs. Bevan, Isabella, Enchantress, Princess Royal. - 2d, Mr. J. Edwards: Sebastian, Princess Royal, L'Elegant, Jessica, Lord Hardinge, Mrs. Bevan, Queen Victoria (Green), Lady A. Peel, Regina, Isabella, General Jackson, Miss Edwards. - 3d, Mr. New-hall, Woolwich: Mrs. Bevan, Princess Royal, Sharp's Wellington, Jessica, Duchess of Cambridge, Regina, Delicata, Wildman's Isabella, Venus, Marris's Prince of Wales, Captivation, Sebastian.

Open Class

1st, Mr. Norman: Mrs. B. Norman, Unique, Delicata, Lady Dacre, Juliet, Mrs. Barnard, Seedling, Amy, Youell's Gem, King James, Princess Royal, L'Elegant. - 2d, Mr. Ward: Princess Royal, Mrs. Bevan, Amy, Lady Dacre, Yauell's Gem, Venus, Juliet, Seedling, Isabella, Jenny Lind, Regina, King James. - 3d. Mr. Willmer: L'Elegant, Green's Queen, Mrs. Bevan, Lady A. Peel, Field Marshal, Venus, Jenny Lind, Princess Royal, Juliet, King James, General Jackson, Mrs. Barnard.

Seedling Carnations

Several good things were shewn; the only varieties selected for certificates were sent by Mr. May, and will at a future time illustrate our work. The best of these, which took the first prize, Owen Glendower, is a full-sized crimson bizarre, good white, and well-marked with colours much of the same shade as Lord Milton, but quite as many more petals as that variety contains; Falconbridge, a full pink bizarre, broad fine-shaped petal, and about the best of this class; and Romeo, rose-flake, large, pure white, pale-coloured rose, or pink, and will prove one of the best for exhibition.

In Picotees there was considerably more competition, - eight first-class certificates were given. The extra prize for the best was awarded to Burroughes' Duchess of Sutherland, light red edge, remarkably smooth, large bold petal, which is gently cupped. The other successful flowers were, Burroughes' Lorina, light purple edge, remarkable for its light but regular marking, and which appears very constant, with good petals, well arranged, becoming gradually smaller to the centre from the guards. For Matthew's Juno, large and full, lavender, purple-edge, noticed by us as a yearling last season, and has maintained its character. For Creed's Miss Edwards, heavy scarlet edge, brighter and smoother than Green's Queen; the colour on the edge is also more solid. For Dodwell's Mary, light red, full and useful, being very smooth, but a yearling only; we hope to see it again. For Norman's Lord Nelson and Prince Alfred, both of the heavy purple class; each has good white. The former is very distinct, but reflexes: we prefer the latter. For Lady Harriet Moore, purple edge, noble petal, and fine white. This will be a very useful flower for exhibiting. Two blooms of each were required by the regulations, to test their constancy.

This we deem a move in the right direction; cut flowers so tested must increase the confidence of purchasers.

Mr. Bragg contributed nice collections of Carnations and Pico-tees (not for competition), in which were some superb specimens.

Mr. Turner refrained from exhibiting cut blooms; but his success on the following day at the Royal South London Floricul-tural Society fully confirmed the generally expressed opinion as to the excellence of his exhibition on this occasion. The flowers were very large, and the grass, in fact the plants altogether, every thing that could be desired.