Owing to the extremely unpropitious weather, there were not so many flowers brought into competition as was expected. The first show took place at the Corn Exchange, Manchester. The flowers, with some few exceptions, were of medium character, and the day being showery, we fear that the speculation will prove a losing one, and instead of the funds being able to assist the charities as contemplated, the Committee will be out of pocket.

The flowers that call for especial notice were good: Charles X., Polyphemus, and San Joe, in bizarres; in roses, Heroines and Triomphe royals (flamed), - these were in great profusion. The two best feathered bvblcemens in the room were Lancashire Hero and Sable Monarch, - the former, however, rather stained; in flamed bybloemens, Queen Charlotte, Violet Alexander, Princess Royal, and Violet Wallors were good; In breeders there was considerable advance on those shewn at York last year, the stained cups staged being very few indeed.

The plants were not numerous, but good; and the baskets of flowers displayed much taste.