Among subjects of exhibition, that which excited the most interest, in a floricultural point of view, was a collection of Hollyhocks, in spikes and single blooms, from Mr. Chater of Saffron Wal-den. The kinds consisted of Attraction, light ground, beautifully veined; Atrosanguinea, dark crimson; Black Prince, one of the darkest of Hollyhocks; Coccinea, bright red; Delicata, French white; Formosa, claret; Magnum Bonum, maroon; Model of Perfection, white; Napoleon, red and buff; Purpurea elegans, purple; Queen, blush; Rosea grandiflora, pink; improved varieties of Rosea alba, Snowball, and Wellington; Sulphurea perfecta, sulphur; Comet, ruby red; Pulchella, exquisitely formed rose; Mr. C. Baron, delicate salmon; Elegans, blush; and Commander-in-chief, the latter with a flowering spike at least 3 feet in length. The same grower also produced some nice seedlings, not yet " sent out," among which was a kind named Walden Gem, an improvement on Comet in point of colour. A collection of 24 varieties of Hollyhocks in the shape of single blooms was also contributed by Mr. Bragg of Slough.