J. Knowles, Esq., of TrafFord Bank House, near Manchester, sent a new Burlingtonia, from Demerara. It was covered with numerous pendent spikes of beautiful white blossoms. A Banksian medal was awarded it. - Messrs. Veitch produced a new terrestrial Ccelogyne, called Maculata, from the mountains of India; also a handsome specimen of the true Calanthe vestita, for which a variety without the red eye is sometimes sold. A certificate of merit was awarded for the Calanthe. - Mr. Hamp, gardener to J. Thorne, Esq. sent a nice exhibition of Epiphyllum truncatum and its varieties, for which a Banksian medal was awarded. - Pimelea (macrocephala), a robust stiff-growing white-flowered kind, was exhibited by Messrs. Henderson, of Pine-Apple Place; and a seedling Pentstemon, white streaked with pink, called Salteri, by Mr. Salter of Hammersmith.

Among miscellaneous subjects was a number of drawings of various kinds of flowers and fruit, executed on rice-paper, from Mrs. Dickens, of Hereford Square, Old Brompton. These were reported by Dr. Lindley and others to be satisfactory examples of the style of art to which they belong. From the garden of the Society came the Musk-scented Angelonia; Ipomcea ficifolia, very gay at this season; Salvia pulchella, which has lately been sold under the name of S. elegans; three Cape Heaths; the charming Lyperia pinnatifida, a plant which is nearly always in flower; the handsome Veronica Andersonii; some Chrysanthemums, Orchids, and other plants.