The first exhibition of the season was held at the Horns Tavern, Kennington. The day was fine, and a large number of well-cultivated plants was produced; but as a Florists' show it was in some respects scarcely so fine as we have seen it in former years.

Best 24 Pansies

Nurserymen: 1st prize to Mr. Turner, Royal Nursery, Slough, for Bell's Duke of Norfolk and Climax; Youell's Supreme and Androcles; Thomson's Constellation, Polyphemus, Duchess of Rutland, and Cyclops; Turner's Mr. Beck, Miss Edwards, and Addison; Hooper's Wonderful and Juventa; Mrs. Hamilton, Bellona, Queen of England, Ophir, Hector, Lucy Neal, Rubens, Milton, Aurora, Rainbow, and Gem; equal second prizes to Mr. Thomson, Iver, and Mr. Bragg, Slough. Mr. Thomson had a fine yellow-ground flower, Lord Walsingham, Penelope (white ground), Caroline, California, Andromache, and Miss Thomson, the remainder being a repetition of the first stand. In Mr. Bragg's stand was a good dark variety named Joseph Hunt. The following flowers were shewn in good condition: Helen, Sir R. Peel, Mrs. Beck, Leader, and Model of Perfection. - Best 24 Pansies. Amateurs: 1st prize to J. Edwards, Esq. Holloway, for Privateer, Ophir, Rainbow, Miss Edwards, Constellation, Mrs. Hamilton, Queen of England, Wonderful, Climax, Addison, Lucy Neal, Zabdi, Hector, Charmer, Masterpiece, Model of Perfection, Duke of Norfolk, Ju-venta, Royal Standard, Mrs. Bragg, Helen, Gem, Aurora, and Disraeli; 2d, Mr. J. Scotcher for Miss Edwards (Turner's), fine; 3d, Mr. Over for Helen (Hunt's), ditto; 4th, Mr. Parsons for Rainbow (Thomson), ditto.

Two first-class certificates were awarded for seedlings, both yellow-ground varieties, contributed by Mr. Turner, - Mr. Beck and Rubens, - both smooth, fine, large flowers.

Best Pair Of Auriculas

Amateurs: 1st prize to W. S. Ginger, Esq. for Champion (Page), and Duke of Wellington (Dickson); 2d, Mr. W. E. Miller for the same varieties; 3d, W. Sandilands, Esq. for Duke of Wellington and Glory. - Best four. Amateurs: 1st prize to W. S. Ginger, Esq. for Alexander (Stretch), Britannia (Hedge), Duke of Wellington (Dickson), and Champion (Page), very fine plants, surpassing any four we have seen for years; 2d, Mr. W. E. Miller; 3d, J. Chapman, Esq. - In the Nurserymen's class Mr. Dickson shewed Duke of Wellington, Hedge's Britannia, Page's Champion, and Lancashire Hero.

Among Seedling Cinerarias of 1850, Clementine (white, tipped with purplish crimson, and dark disc) received a first-class certificate and an extra prize. This was shewn by Mr. Salter; and Mr. Kendall received certificates for Black-eyed Susan (white, tipped with purplish crimson, and dark disc), Eclipse (white, tipped with purplish blue, and dark disc), and Dr. Bushell (white, tipped with amethyst, and dark disc). These are all promising flowers, which we should like to see again. Messrs. Jackson of Kingston shewed a nice bloom of their new light Camellia, named Countess of Ellesmere, which forms the subject of our plate; a fine white Rhododendron, said to be quite hardy; the true R. arboreum (deep crimson), and a variety of Smithii (rosy purple).