Eighth - Mr John Clifford, Bramcote

Lady Lilford, feathered Rose; Grande Rose Desire, a good flame; Lady Catherine Gordon, a fine flame; seedling feathered Rose; Lord Denman and Due d'Orleans, flamed; Cabinet Minister, only moderate; Sir Charles Napier; Admiral Dundas, a good flamed Bizarre in the red class.

Stands Of Six Blooms

First - Mr Sbardlow Of Derby

Mrs Pickerill, a fair feather; "Walker's Duchess of Sutherland, fine; Heroine, a mere bud; Rose Celestial, very fine flame; Lord Byron, a good feather; and a superb Sir Joseph Paxton.

Second - Mr Burdekin Of Nottingham

Fairy Queen, a good feathered Rose; Duchess of Sutherland, fine; Heroine, fine; Aglaia; Royal Sovereign and Garibaldi, fine.

Third - Mr James Plumbe Of Risley

Triomphe Royale and Heroine, both fine; Adonis, feather; a very grand Lord Denman, an indifferent Royal Sovereign, and a very good Merit.

Fourth - Mr Henry Hurt Of Stanton-By-Dale

Aglaia, flamed, and the same feathered; Lord Denman aud Due d'Orleans; a very poor Royal Sovereign, and a fine flamed seedling of Storer's miscalled Captain White.

Fifth - Mr Wardle Of Burton-On-Trent

Lady Catherine Gordon, heavily flamed; Triomphe Royale, well marked; a large heavy Norwich Bagnet; a poor flamed Adonis; Lord Byron, only a bud; and a heavy Dr Horner.

Sixth - Mr John Spencer, Lenton, Near Nottingham

A seedling feathered Rose, and Nymph, a seedling flame, very nicely marked; Kossuth and Lorenzo; Turner's Premier and Sir Joseph Paxton.

Seventh - Mr Henry Waters, Staple-Ford

Royal Sovereign, a good feather; Topsy, a bad flame; Victoria Regina, a very good feather; and a finely-marked Lord Denman; Rose Elizabeth and Aglaia.

Eighth - Mr William Oldham, Chil-Well, Near Nottingham

Heroine; Aglaia; Abbott's Gem; Duchess of Sutherland; a bad Royal Sovereign, and a moderately-marked Polyphemus.

Ninth - Mr Thomas Smedley, Staple-Ford

Aglaia and Heroine; Abbott's Gem, a very poor feather; and a fine-marked Lord Denman; Platoff, good; and Captain White, pure.

Tenth - Mr Coulby, Nottingham

Heroine; Triomphe Royale; a fine Duchess of Sutherland; Mrs Pickerill; a bad Royal Sovereign; and Shakespeare, not equal to Polyphemus.

Eleventh - Mr Joseph Winfield, Staple-Ford

Royal Sovereign, a fine feather; a fair Captain White; Lord Denman, good; and a flamed Bybloemen, unknown; Fairy Queen and Aglaia.

Twelfth - Mr Samuel Smedley, Stan-Ton-By-Dale

Queen Charlotte; Chancellor; Lady Lilford, heavy flame; Kate Atkins, a poor feathered Rose; a fine Sir Joseph Paxton, and a very poor Duke of Devonshire.

Thirteenth - Mr Lowe, Lenton

Ne-paulese Prince, a good flower; Lorenzo, indifferent; Grande Rose Desire; and Aglaia; Paul Pry, a moderate flame; and a bad feathered Bizarre.

The premiers were chosen from the whole collection, Mr Barber's stand contributing no less than three of them - namely Heroine, feathered Rose; Walker's Duchess of Sutherland, flamed Bybloemen; and Storer's General Lee, a beautiful flamed Bizarre. Nymph, in Mr Atkin's stand, deseiwedly took the honour as flamed Rose. Lord Byron was the feathered Bizarre in Mr Shardlow's stand, and Victoria Regina the feathered Bybloemen, shown by Mr Waters.

Some very fine blooms were placed in the classes, but the feathered Roses fell very far short of the requisite number from lack of supply, nine being the full length.

Feathered Roses

1. Heroine, Mr Storer; 2. Heroine, Mr Barber; 3. Heroine, William Coulby; 4. Sarah Headley, D. Barber.

Flamed Roses

1. Aglaia, Mr Hex-tall; 2. Triomphe Royale, Mr Storer; 3. Rose Celestial, Mr Storer; 4. Rose Emily, Mr Barber; 5. Triomphe Royale, Mr Wardle; 6. Lady Wildair, S. Smedley; 7. Vicar of Radford, Mr Atkins; 8. Lady Catherine Gordon, Mr Storer; 9. Mrs Lomax, Mr Barber.

Feathered Byblcemens

1. Mrs Pickerill, C. Shardlow; 2. Headley's Adonis, Mr Barber; 3. Maid of Orleans, Mr Barber; 4. Violet Amiable, Mr Hextall; 5. Queen of the North, Mr Barber; 6. Exile, Mr Barber; 7. Abbott's Gem, Mr Burdiekin; 8. Chancellor, Mr Plumbe; 9. Chancellor, Mr Spencer.

Flamed Byblcemens

1. Duchess of Sutherland, Mr Storer; 2. Lord Denman, Mr Hurt; 3. Adonis, Mr Hextall; 4. Maid of Orleans, Mr Storer; 5. Queen Charlotte, Mr Barber; 6. Chancellor, Mr Gibbons; 7. Due d'Orleans, Mr Spencer; 8. Verona, Mr Battersby; 9. General Barnaveldt, Mr Hurt.

Feathered Bizarres

1. Royal Sovereign, T. Smedley; 2. Wilson's Unique, Mr Hextall; 3. Royal Sovereign, Mr Battersby; 4. Dormon's Prince Albert, Mr Battersby; 5. Royal Sovereign, James Plumbe; 6. Duke of Devonshire, Mr Barber; 7. John Brown, Mr Barber; 8. Polyphemus, Mr Gibbons; 9. Storer's Seedling, Mr Oldham.

Flamed Bizarres

1. Sir Joseph Paxton, Mr Barber; 2. Storer's J. D. Hextall, Mr Hextall; 3. Sir Joseph Paxton, Mr Storer; 4. Joseph Godfrey, Mr Barber; 5. Dr Hardy, Mr Barber; 6. Bertvistle's Sulphur, Mr Barber; 7.

Polyphemus, Mr Atkins; 8. J. D. Hex-tall, Mr Storer; 9. Thomas Abbott, Mr S. Smedly.



1. Juliet, Mr Shardlow; 2. Iudustry, Mr Storer; 3. Industry, Mr Storer; 4. Iudustry, C. Shardlow; 5. Emily Birch, Mr Battersby; 6. Queen Mab, Mr Battersby.


1. Adonis, Mr Storer; 2. Excelsior, Mr C. Shardlow; 3. Excelsior, Mr Burdiekin; 4. Beatrice, Mr Shardlow; 5. Seedling, Mr Battersby; 6. Seedling, W. Coulby.


1. Willison's King, Mr Hurt; 2. Storer's Seedling, Mr Burdiekin; 3. Haynes's Lord Belper, Mr Storer; 4. Sir Joseph Paxton, Mr Shardlow; 5. Seedling, Mr Storer; 6. Unknown, Mr Winfield.