Bresee's Prolific.

"This variety originated with Albert Bresee, Esq., in 1861. Mr Bresee was the originator of the Early Rose, the seed producing both that and Bresee's Prolific being from the same seed-ball, and both are seedlings of the Garnet Chili.

"The Vines of Bresee's Prolific are of medium height, quite bushy, and somewhat spreading, and with very large leaves; as yet they have produced no seed-balls. Tubers large, regular in shape, and very smooth, slightly oblong, and very much flattened; skin dull white, inclined to be russeted; eyes but little depressed and slightly pinkish; flesh white, rarely if ever hollow; cooks quickly, is very mealy, and of excellent quality. Yield very large, maturing three weeks later than the Early Rose. This variety appears to excel in prolificacy, and should be well tried in this country".

In addition, Messrs Hooper & Co. offer "Climax, a seedling of the Early Goodrich; it has a stout erect stalk, of full medium height, internodes of medium length, and very large leaves; the tuber is above medium in size, quite smooth, in form of a short cylinder swelled out at the centre, occasionally slightly flattened, and terminating rather abruptly; eyes shallow, sharp, sometimes swelled out or projecting, and always strongly defined; skin medium thickness, considerably netted or russet, tough, white; flesh entirely white, solid, heavy, brittle, and never hollow, and it boils through quickly, with no hard core at centre or stem, is mealy, of floury whiteness, and of superior table quality. In productiveness it is fully equal, if not superior, to either the Early Rose or the Early Goodrich; bears few small tubers, and matures nearly with the Early Rose. During the heated term of July and August last, the foliage of the Early Goodrich, which was planted by the side of the Climax, burned badly, while the leaves of this seedling were unaffected. It is a good keeper and gives great promise. Also The 'Queen's' Potato, a selection from Paterson's Victoria, which can be greatly recommended. It possesses, in an increased degree, all the qualities that have made that Potato so famous.

A splendid cropper, producing tubers of the most handsome and uniform appearance, and of the finest qualities for table. This Potato is less liable to disease than many others, and, we are informed, is the principal variety grown at Balmoral by her Majesty's special command. In growing this kind, which produces bloom and fruit plentifully, we should recommend the flowers being cut off, as we believe it will be found to increase its already wonderfully productive powers".

To give an instance of how the varieties of Potatoes appear to multiply, a correspondent has just written us a letter, in which he states: I have been busy getting in Potato samples, and have a few more to plant to finish them. Just one hundred and six under different names. By-and-by we hope to lay before our readers the results of the trial made by this correspondent.