Although I am no great lover of these, they will still be largely grown here, both for conservatory decoration and also for cutting purposes. Few plants give better returns for liberal treatment, seeing that strong specimens in gentle heat continue to produce their flower-spathes from January to May. Early in June the whole of the stock will be planted on a west border - first, however, dividing those requiring it - single growths being preferable. Being a moisture-loving plant, the border selected is deeply dug and freely manured, which, under these conditions, is made somewhat retentive. The strongest pieces are disposed 18 inches apart, in rows 24 inches asunder, and the smaller ones closer in proportion. They will be watered during the prevalence of dry weather, and be lifted with good balls of earth attached in September, and kept rather close and shaded till established. Where fruit-bushes on sheltered borders are not crowded, Callas are sometimes planted among them with good results.