At the meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society on the 17th of August, Mr J. Ward, gardener to Mr T. N. Miller, Esq., Bishop's-Stortford, exhibited four magnificent fruits of the above fine Pine, of the aggregate weight of 38 lb. They were remarkably even in size and shape, two of them as finely formed as if they had been cast in a mould. To these a special certificate was awarded. By the side of these was a collection of somewhat ordinary blooms of Dahlias, and these received the same award. A special certificate neither carries weight nor money value with it, and it is given to many things of questionable quality. The least the Society could have awarded these fine Pines was its gold medal. We certainly sympathise with Mr Ward in having such splendid examples of high-class cultivation borne down to the level of excellence of some medium-sized Dahlia blooms !