At the meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society at South Kensington, on the 6th inst., Messrs Veitch & Sons exhibited a fine new hybrid Cypripede raised in their establishment at Chelsea. It is the result of a cross between C. longifolium and C. Schlimii, and is as nearly as possible intermediate between the two species. It is one of the most interesting hybrids we have had the pleasure of seeing for some time, and will become deservedly popular when distributed. Its foliage is gracefully recurved, of a very bright shining green colour, marked with fine longitudinal lines, and transverse markings of a darker tint. The margins of the leaves are wavy, their entire length being from 12 to 18 inches. The flowers are borne 2 or 3 together, on slender, purple, hairy scapes, about the same length as the foliage, and furnished with bright green bracts at the nodes. The flowers are about 3 inches across from tip to tip of the petals. The sepals are greenish white in colour, veined, and slightly tinged with rose. Petals white, with deep rosy margins, intermediate in shape between the short rounded petals of C. Schlimii, and the longer attenuated segments of C. (Reichenbachii) longifolium. They are peculiar, being once twisted near the apex.

The swollen lip approaches that of C. longifolium in form, and is of a deep rosy purple colour without, the interior lobes being of ivory whiteness, and spotted with clear rose. The staminade is greenish white, tinted with rose, and slightly fringed like that of C. longifolium along its upper margin. The habit of this grand addition to an already rich and beautiful group is of the most graceful character; the glossy foliage alone would at once recommend it to the notice of the Orchid-fancier, even when not in bloom. Like its parents, it seldom produces more than one fully expanded flower at a time on each scape. The plant exhibited was in robust health, and bore 3 fine spikes. It grows well, treated like its congeners in a moderately warm and genial temperature.