Rev. M. J. Berkeley, Chairman.

Sir Wentworth Drlke, Bt., Sloane St.

Mr J. Fleming, Cliveden.

Mr J. Gibson, Battersea Park.

Mr A. Henderson, Wellington Road.

Dr R. Hogg, St George's Road.

Mr C. Lee, Hammersmith.

Mr T. Moore, Chelsea.

Mr T. Osborn, Fulhain.

S. Rucker, Esq., Wandsworth.

Mr J. Smith, Kew.

Mr Tyler, Leadeuhall Street.

Mr H. J. Veitch, Chelsea.

R. Warner, Esq., Chelmsford.

For Scotland.

Mr J. M'Nab, Edinburgh. Mr W. Thomson, Dalkeith.

For Ireland. Dr Moore, Glasnevin.

Mr George Eyles (Royal Horticultural Society's Gardens, South Kensington,) Secretary. The gentlemen above named having been appointed to form a Committee for Great Britain in connection with the Exhibition to be opened in Hamburg on the 2d day of September next, and being desirous of having this country well represented, invite your particular attention to the enclosed Schedule, and request your hearty co-operation as an Exhibitor.

The Committee hope to make arrangements for forwarding to Hamburg packages of fruit intended for exhibition, and the Hamburg Committee is making arrangements with the steamboat and railway companies for the conveyance of heavy articles.

Hamburg being an important German town, and easily reached by steamboat from England, the Committee hope you may consider this Exhibition worthy of your notice.

English Committee 30016 Steamers leave London, Hall, and Leith direct for Hamburg.