Class III. - Open To All Gardeners And Amateurs

Eight Stove and Greenhouse Plants in flower - 1. Wm. Thomson, Dalkeith; 2. T. Lees, gardener to Earl of Haddington; 3. John Sutherland, gardener to Mr P. Denny of Helenslee, Dumbarton.

Three Cape Heaths of sorts - T. Lees, and J. M'Kay, gardener to Mr C. Tennant, equal.

Four Plants of Fine Foliage - 1. J. Sutherland; 2. Wm. Thomson; 3. Thos.

Ormiston, gardener to Mr A. Jamieson, Halk House.

Four Ferns - 1. Wm, Thomson; 2. J. Sutherland.

Finest Tree Fern - 1. J. Sutherland; 2. Mr Gordon, gardener to Mr Andrew Wauchope, Niddrie; 3. Wm. Thomson.

Three. Orchids in bloom - 1. Wm. Thomson.

Three fuchsias - 1. Mr Joss, Morn-ingside; 3. Wm. Laird, gardener to Sir James Coxe, Kinellan House.

Two Cockscombs - 1. J. Pow, gardener to Mr J. Melville; 2. William Kirkpatrick, gardener to Lord Aber-cromby.

Three pots Achimenes - 1. James Gordon.

Four Zonal or Bedding Geraniums - 1. John Kennedy, gardener to Mr D. Murray, Strathearn Road; 2. Wm. Mallocks, gardener to Mr Thomas Milne, Niddrie Mains.

Four Variegated Zonals or Bedding Geraniums - 1. C. M'Farlane, gardener to Mr D. Anderson of Moredun; 2. John Clark, gardener to Mr W. S. Mitchell-Innes, Parson's Green.

Three Liliums in pots - John Cur-rie, gardener to Mr W. Nelson, Salisbury Green.

One Lilium Aratum - Colin M'Farlane, gardener to Mr D. Anderson.

Twelve cut Roses - 1. James M'ln-doe, gardener to the Archbishop of York; 2. George Barrie, gardener to Miss Henderson, Corstorphine.

Eighteen Gladioli - 1. William Marshall, gardener to Sir R. Stanley Erring-ton, Bart., Sandhoe, Hexham; 2. Wm. Shand, gardener to Mr R. W. Duff;

3. P. Harper, gardener to Mr J. S. Gordon, Turner Hall.

Twelve Gladioli - 1. James Gordon, gardener to Mr. A. Wauchope; 2. Mr Alexander, Hexham; and 3. J. M'Indoe.

Twelve Quilled Asters - John Wood-row, Williamsburgh, Paisley; 2. Wm. Glass, Stirling.

Twelve Chrysanthemum-flowered Asters - 1. James Harper, gardener to Mr L. Walkinshaw; 2. John Cockburn, gardener to Mr John Cox, Gorgie.

Nine Spikes of Hollyhocks of sorts - 1. D. Marshall, gardener to Miss Hay, Kingston Grange; 2. G. Barrie, gardener to Miss Henderson, Corstorphine; 3. Wm. Shand, gardener to R. W. Duff, Esq.

Five Spikes of Hollyhocks of sorts - 1. Mr J. M'Indoe; 2. George Mollison, gardener to Miss Dunsmuir, Corstorphine; 3. Colin Bell, gardener to Anthony Nichol, Esq., Kerfield.

Twelve cut Blooms Hollyhocks - 1. Rev. Edward Hawke, Ganisboro'; 2. J. M'Indoe.

Eighteen Dahlia Blooms - 1. R. Montgomery, Kilbirnie; 2. Wm. Shand; 3. John M'Lean, gardener to Mr Gibson, Duloch.

Twelve Dahlia Blooms - 1. W. Brown, gardener to David Buchan, Esq., New Saughton; 2. James Johnston, gardener to Colonel Lyon, Belfield House, Cupar; 3. Goodwin, York.

Twelve Dahlia Blooms (Fancy) - 1. John M'Lean; 2. Goodwin, York; 3. Wm. Laird, gardener to Sir James Coxe, Kinellan House.

Six Dahlias (Fancy) - John Jones, gardener to Captain Boulton, Bangholm Bower.

Class IV. - For Nurserymen Only

Eleven Spikes Hollyhocks - 1. Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing; 2. Mr John Harrison, Darlington; 3. Messrs Stewart & Son, Dundee.

Twenty - four Dahlia Blooms - 1. Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing; 2. Mr Harrison; 3. Messrs Stewart and Son.

Twelve Fancy Dahlia Blooms - 1. Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing; 2. Messrs Stewart & Son.

Thirty Gladioli - 1. Messrs Stewart & Mein, Kelso; 2. Messrs Downie, Laird & Laing; 3. Mr John M'Pherson, Aberdeen.

Collection of New and Rare Plants - 1. Messrs Veitch & Son, Royal Exotic Nursery, London; 2. Messrs Thyne & Son, Glasgow; 3. Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing; special prize, equal to 3d, to Messrs W. Barron & Son, Derby, for collection of Coniferous Trees.

Class V

Collection of Salads - 1. Temple, gardener to Mr J. Balfour, Balbirnie; 2. Alexander Anderson, gardener to W. H. Brown, Ratho; 3. Donald Mathieson, Tulliallan Castle Gardens.

Collection of Vegetables - 1. Donald Mathieson and W. Thomson, equal; 2. Temple.

Class VI

Two bunches Grapes - 1. D. P. Bell, Clive Villa, Alnwick; 2. Rev. Mr Bushby, Dalkeith.

Six Peaches - 1. D. P. Bell.

Special Awards

To Thos. Ormiston, gardener to - Jainieson, Esq., The "Walk, Alloa, for a very handsome plant of Lapigera rosea.

To Mr Carmichael, gardener to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, for four Queen Pines.