The special prizes offered by Sir A. W. Peyton, Bart., for 6 "tricolored " Pelargoniums, brought another close competition between Messrs Welch and Stevens the former being placed first.

The attempt made to encourage the growth of Delphiniums, Lobelias, Phloxes, Pentstemons, Antirrhinums, and suchlike, in pots, was certainly encouraging up to a certain point, though much more remains to be done. The Delphiniums staged by Mr Turner were of the most praiseworthy character, and showed most conclusively the superiority of young over old plants when well grown.

Mr Turner was a long way first with 6 Delphiniums in 12-inch pots, having the following beautiful varieties, all superbly bloomed: Madame Chate, L'Elegante, very fine; Mons. Stenger, Le Grand, Imperial Blue, and Bella Donna. 2d, Messrs Bell & Thorpe, with plants of inferior growth. 3d, Mr H. Hooper, Bath. A second prize was awarded to Messrs Bell & Thorpe for 6 Lobelias, fulgens type, they being the only exhibitors. They had Ringleader, rosy purple; Marvel, cerise crimson; Carminata, rosy carmine; and some seedlings. They were somewhat large plants, not nicely grown, and only just coming into flower. The group of Phloxes to which the first prize was awarded consisted of Madlle. Trotter, Madame Rendatler, these two being very much alike; James Veitch, Liervalli, Charles Rouillard, and Madlle. M. Saison. Three or four of these were well done, the others were somewhat deficient. Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing came next with more even and very well bloomed plants of Mons. Linden, Mrs Campbell, Com-tesse de Malart, James Veitch, Deacon, and one other. The flowers of these were a little undersized. Mr Henry Hooper was third, and there were several other competitors.

The best 6 Pentstemons came from Mr J. J. Chater, Gonville Nurseries, Cambridge. They were well grown and bloomed.

Cut flowers were very numerous, and of these Carnations and Picotees were especially fine. The best 24 in the nurserymen's class came for Mr C. Turner, who had: Scarlet Bizarres - Dreadnought, Lord Lewisham, Lord Rancliffe, Oliver Goldsmith, and Prince Albert; Crimson Bizarres - Anthony Dennis, Captain Franklin, Eccentric Jack, Graceless Tom, Rifleman, and Young Milton; Pink and Purple Bizarres - Princess Royal and Twyford Perfection; Purple Flakes - Colonel Wyndham and Squire Meynell; Scarlet Flakes - Annihilator, Coronation, Mr Battersby, and William Cowper; Rose Flakes - Aglaia, Flora's Garland, James Merryweather, King John, and Rose of Stapleford. 2d, Mr George Edward, York, with smaller ilowers, the best being: Rose Flakes - Mr Patey, Mr Walton, and James Merryweather; Purple Flakes - Mrs Gunning and Mayor of Nottingham; Scarlet Flake - George Edward; Crimson Bizarres - Rainbow and John Davidson. The best 12 in the amateurs' class came from Mr S. C. Buttrum, Burgh Mills, Woodbridge, who had S. B. Lord Rancliffe and Sir J. Paxton; C. B. Rainbow, John Bright, and Tenby Rival; P. and P. B. Hannibal and Sarah Payne; P. F. Premier; S. F. John Bay ley and Marmion; R. F. Flora's Garland and Uncle Tom.

The Earl of Abingdon's special prize for 12 Carnations was also taken by Mr Turner, with S. B. Admiral Curzon, Duke of York, and Lord Lewisham; C. B. Eccentric Jack and Rifleman; P. and P. B. Princess Royal; P. F. Colonel Windham; S. F. Sportsman and Mr Battersby; R. F. Flora's Garland, James Merryweather, and King John. 2d, Mr N. Norman, Plumstead, with a good stand of flowers, mostly seedlings.

The best 24 Picotees, in the nurserymen's class, also came from Mr Turner, and consisted of: Red-edged - Chancellor, Colonel Clerk, Exhibition, Forester, Lavinia, Lord Valentia, Mrs Norman, and Miss Turner; Purple-edged - Frances, Jessie, Mary, Mrs Summers, Mrs May, Picco, and Admiration; Rose-edged - Elise, Lucy, Juliana, Obadiah, Alfred Ingleton, Mrs Rollings, Queen Victoria, Purity, and a bright-looking seedling purple-edged flower. 2d, Mr George Edward, with nice flowers of the following: Red-edged - Fairest of the Fair, George, and John Feather; Purple-edged - Lord Mayor of York and Mrs Hanaford; Rose-edged - Hannah Maria and Harriet.

In the amateurs' class for 12 Picotees, Mr D. Pizzey was first with fine flowers of the following: Red-edged - Eliza Forester and Rosetta; Purple-edged - Frances, Ganymede, Jessie, Margaret, Mary, Admiration, and Mrs May; Rose-edged - Lucy and Princess Alice. 2d, Mr N. Norman, with Purple-edged - Jessie and Margaret; Red-edged - Mrs Newhall and Prince of Wales, and some good seedlings.

The best 12 Pinks came from Mr G. Kirtland, who had Rev. George Jeans, Annie, Brilliant, Mary Ann, Attraction, Blondin, President, C. Turner, Bertram, John Bull, Victory, and a seedling. 2d, Mr D. Gammon, Marston, whose best flowers were Marion, C. Turner, and John Bull. The best 12 competing for the special prize offered by Mr J. G. Henderson, came from Mr D. Gammon, and consisted of Alfred, Diadem, Charles Turner, Rev. George Jeans, Bertram, Miss Nightingale, John Bull, Royal Standard, Device, Blondin, Mrs Norman, and Marion.

Several collections of cut Zonal Pelargoniums were staged: the best came from Mr J. Walker, Thame; the second best from Mr C. J. Perry; 3d, Mr H. Minchin. A very fine dark-crimson variety, named Madame Amelotte, was in Mr C. Perry's stand. Mr Perry had all Zonal kinds, Mr Walker had one or two Nosegays. The cut blooms of double-flowering varieties were an interesting feature, and the competition taught how much a little taste in setting up helped their appearance. The best came from Mr F. Perkins, Leamington, and were set up in nice bunches, backed by their leaves. Twelve varieties of 5 trusses each were required, and they consisted of Andrew Henderson, Gloire de Nancy, Madame M. Buck-ner, rather darker than Madame Lemoine; Marie Lemoine, Wilhelm Pfitzer, Triomphe de Thumesnil, Capitainel'Hermite, Madame Lemoine, Victor, Triomphe, Victor Lemoine, and Madame Rose Charmeux. 2d, Messrs Kelway & Son, with some very nice trusses, but not so well set up, including Sparkhill Beauty, and Rosetta, in the way of Capitaine l'Hermite.

The best 12 cut Verbenas were staged by Mr C. J. Perry, and consisted of Edwin Day, Rev. C. Peach, James Birbeck, Rev. P. M. Smythe, Firefly, Butterfly, Rising Sun, Mrs George Prince, Thomas Harris, and seedlings. 2d, Mr H. Minchin, who had good examples of Champion, Charmer, Mrs Pochin, Richard Dean, James Birbeck, and Geant des Batailles. The special prize offered by Mr George Prince for the best 36 varieties was also taken by Mr Perry, he being the only exhibitor. His sorts consisted of Nebula, James Birbeck, Madame H. Stenger, Champion, Rev. C. Peach, Carnation, King of Lilacs, Rose Imperial, Kate Lawden, Thomas Harris, Ada King, Geant des Batailles, Model, Leah, Mr George Prince, Rising Sun, Annie, Rev. P. M. Smythe, Velocipede, Apollo, Black Prince, Lord Leigh, Firefly, Thomas Lawden, Rev. J. Dix, Magnificus, and seedlings.

Cut Roses were much past their best, and those that were at all good were soon despoiled of their beauty and freshness by the great heat that prevailed in the tents. The best 48 came from Mr John Cranston, Hereford. The best amateur's 48 from Mr C. J. Perry.

The best 12 Roses of 1867, '68, '69, came from Mr C. Turner, the sorts being Comtesse de Hainault, Marie Cirodde, Charles Perry, Baronne A. de Rothschild, Francois Fontaine, La France, Duke of Edinburgh, Nardy Freres, Edwaid Mor-ren, Miss Poole, and Elie Morel; 2d, Messrs Paul & Son; 3d, Mr B. R. Cant. The best 9 varieties of yellow Roses came from Messrs Paul & Son, and consisted of Marechal Niel, very fine; Mons. Furtado, Madame Falcot, Triomphe de Rennes, Madame Villermoz, Gloire de Dijon, Madame Margottin, Lamarck, and Celine Forestier; 2d, Mr C. Turner, who had Solfaterre, Reine de Portugal, and Narcisse, differing from the foregoing; 3d, Mr J. Cranston. The special prize offered by the Oxford Rose Society for the best collection of cut Roses sent out in 1867, '68, '69, '70, was taken by Mr C. Turner; 2d, Mr B. R. Cant. The best 6 varieties of new Roses sent out in 1868, '69, '70, also came from Mr Turner, and consisted of Duke of Edinburgh, Reine Blanche, Henri Ledechaux, Lord Napier, Montplaissier, and Edward Morren. In the class for the best 24 Roses of any one variety, a special prize being offered by Mr George Prince, no award was made, the judges considering those staged unworthy the prize.

The best 3 blooms of any one variety was Pierre Notting, from Mr B. R. Cant, very fine. Mr Cant also had Comtesse de Paris, fine also; and Marechal Niel.