Singular to state, no Orchid has received the distinction of a certificate since the last record of new plants. In the way of Palms, Messrs Veitch & Sons received first-class certificates for the following, all of graceful and elegant growth: - Euterpe Sylvestris, Areca monostachya, Deckenia nobilis, and Geonoma pumila. A similar award was made to Macrozamia magnifica, a species from North Australia, the roots of which are used as food by the natives, from Mr Kennedy, Covent Garden: it has very handsome fronds, with long lance-shaped leaflets. In the way of Ferns, Messrs Rollisson & Sons have received a first-class certificate for Pteris straminea attenuata, an elegant greenhouse Fern; the same award was made to Messrs Veitch & Sons for a charming species of Adiantum, named Veitchii, received from Muna. Of handsome foliaged and flowering plants of rare merit the following have received first - class certificates: - Carludovica rotundifolia, a handsome-looking plant, allied to Pandanus, from Messrs Veitch. & Sons; to Tillandsia Lindeniana, a beautiful stove herb, having a naked flowering-stem like the Hyacinth, and a double row of large, rich, blue flowers with a pale throat, situate about 6 inches above the leaves.

This plant was obtained by Mr Linden from Brazil, and this was the first occasion of its being shown in flower in England. Also to Cochliostema Jacobianum, which has been termed the "best new plant of its season," and was now shown for the first time in bloom in England. It has large, spreading, and somewhat recurved leaves, and from the axils of these leaves issue a succession of flower-stalks bearing bunches of purple and white flowers of great beauty, and emitting an agreeable perfume. The plant, which is described by the botanists as an Epiphytical Commelynad from Ecuador, is of vigorous growth, requires stove treatment, and has to be well supplied with water during its growth. Both these came from Mr B. S. Williams, who also received the same award for Agave Verschaffeltii, a good addition to this popular class of succulents; and a similar award was made to Mr Green, gardener to W. Wilson Saunders, Esq., for Pothos ventricosa, in flower - one of those singular-looking plants of botanical value so much esteemed by Mr Saunders.

In the way of flowering plants, Mr T. S. Ware, Tottenham, received the same award for a very handsome but remarkably curious species of Iris, very dwarf in growth, having one flower of singular marking and beauty; to Messrs Rollisson & Sons for Erica tubaeformis, also for Rhododendron fragrantissimum, having white sweet-scented flowers; to Mr B. S. Williams, for Gloxinia Scarlet Gem, with glowing scarlet flowers of great depth of colour - an upright blooming variety; and to Mr Charles Noble, Bagshot, for Clematis Lord Londesborough, a bronze-coloured flower shaded with blue and red, one of the valuable hardy early-blooming strain Mr Noble has obtained from seed.

In the way of florists' flowers, first-class certificates have been awarded to the following: - Grey-edged Auricula, Colonel Champneys, from Mr C. Turner, shown in fine condition; variegated Zonal Pelargonium Ealing Rival, very finely coloured, from Mr Stevens, Ealing; a white - edged variety of the same division, named Mrs Colonel Wilkinson, from Mr Janes, Highgate; to Waltham Bride and Avalanche, two pretty silver-edged varieties bearing white flowers, both from Mr William Paul; to a fine new Tea Rose, named Celine Noirey, with pale-blush flowers, the outer petals of a bright crimson shade, from Messrs Paul & Son; to Fancy Pansies, Sunshine, Mrs Shirley Hibberd, and Mrs Felton, neither of them worthy the award made, from Mr Henry Hooper, Bath; to Waltham, dwarf yellow Wallflower, a dwarf yellow-blooming variety, largely used at Belvoir Castle, by Mr W. Ingram, from Mr William Paul; to a yellow self Pansy, named Golden Bedder, from Messrs E. G. Henderson & Son, but as shown scarcely adapted for bedding; and to Viola lutea major, a large deep-coloured variety, having the appearance of making a very valuable bedder, from Mr Robert Parker, Tooting. R. D.