Ericas were a leading feature of the show, and they made a very nice display, being also somewhat plentifully produced. The leading varieties were Lindleyana, Ventricosa coccinea minor, Eximea superba, Mutabilis, Ventricosa grandiflora, Ventricosa magnifica, Victoria, Caudolleana, and Aristata superba. Of the zonal Pelargoniums staged in this occasion but little can be said in their praise, trained as they were to flat wire-trellisses. In the nurseryman's class, Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing were first with six nice plants, consisting of Sultan, Comet, Countess of Strathmore, Ladies' Pet, Rose Stella, and Duchess of Sutherland, all good and showy nosegay varieties. Show Pelargoniums were pretty numerous, and fairly done; the six Fancy Pelargoniums exhibited by Mr Winsor, gardener to J. R. Ravenhill, Esq., were remarkably fine - perhaps as fine as were ever before exhibited; they were Mrs Ford, Lady Craven, Madame Sainton Dolby, Godfrey Turner, Roi des Fantaisies, and Ellen Beck. The best three double Pelargoniums came from Messrs Bell & Thorpe, Stratford-on-Avon, and consisted of Gloire de Nancy, Hector, and Madame Lemoine. The next best were Wilhelm Pfitzer, Marie Lemoine, and Merveille de Lorraine, and came from Messrs Standish & Co. Decidedly the best were Gloire de Nancy, Wilhelm Pfitzer, Madame Lemoine, and Marie Lemoine.

A group of beautiful new early-blooming hardy Clematises was staged by Mr Charles Noble, Bagshot. Such varieties as Lord and Lady Londesborough, Miss Bateman, etc, are fine acquisitions. Mr Turner sent a collection of cut Tulips, very bright and gaudy-looking; Messrs G. G. Henderson & Sons, a pan of the pretty Hoop Petticoat Narciss (Narcissus Bulbocodium); and among the Orchids staged by Lord Londesborough and others were very fine examples of Cattleya Wagueri, Trichopilia crispa, of which there was shown both a beautiful dark as well as a very pale variety; Dendrobium Dalhousianum, Oncidium crispum, Vanda Denisoniana, Laelia purpurata, etc.

A good collection of fruit was staged by Mr Miles, gardener to Lord Carington, Wycombe Abbey, which included Enville and Queen Pines, Black Hamburg and Chaouch Grapes, two dishes of Cherries, two Melons, and Brown Ischia Figs, a most commendable lot. Messrs Standish & Co. exhibited three bunches of Royal Ascot Grapes, of fine quality, and covered with a delightful bloom; three of Muscat of Alexandria, quite as good, every way highly commendable. From Mr W. Gardiner, Eatington Park, came the following Apples, all in a high state of preservation: French Crab, Sturmer Pippin, Reinette du Canada, Mere de Menage, Royal Russet, Dumelon's Seedling, Rymer, and Hanwell Souring.