An Aberdonian

Your greenhouse that you have converted into a vinery being circular, it will be expensive to heat it with hot-water pipes, and we don't think an Arnott's stove, as you propose, will answer your purpose. In your circumstances, we recommend a well-built brick flue on arches, so that the roots of the vines may pass freely under it.

An Old Gardener

We have other communications besides yours on young gardeners and overtime, but do not see what good can come of our publishing more on the subject just now. We think the practice is dying out, and whoever expects gardeners to work overtime without being properly paid for it, must be regarded as nothing short of unkind and unjust to a class of men already in receipt of too low wages compared with other skilled workmen.

Anderson Forstthe

'Botany for Ladies' by Dr Lindley (Ridgeway, London), is the most suitable book we know for your purpose.

Androsace Sarmentosa

One of the most beautiful of this highly interesting genus of alpine plants. It forms attractive rosettes of small ovate leaves, densely clothed with silky white hairs, giving the whole plant a somewhat hoary aspect. The flowers are larger than those of most of the other species of the genus, deep rose-coloured, with a white eye, and are borne erect in neat umbels. Most suitable for rockwork and pot-culture.

Anemone Vernalis

A very dwarf-growing species of this valuable decorative group. The flowers, which are large, are pure white internally, and bluish-purple externally.


1. Such a mutilated morsel of what appears to be a Scolopendrium we cannot risk naming; 2. Onychium japonicum (lucidum); 3. Polypodium aureum; 4. Neottopteris nidus.

Ants' Nests In Garden Paths And Borders

I have found a very effectual remedy for the annoyance of ants nesting in the garden paths and borders. A strong solution of carbolic acid and water poured into the holes kills all the ants it touches, and the survivors immediately take themselves off. Care must be taken in its use, as it destroys animal and vegetable, as well as insect life. - F. M. G.

Aponogeton Distachyon

We have received from Mr Parker of Tooting Nursery a box of blooms of this lovely, sweet-scented, hardy aquatic, which for robustness of growth quite astonishes us. The flower-stems are as thick as a man's little finger, and the size of blooms quite in proportion, of course. It blooms the whole winter in a brook of spring-water at Tooting, and all who can so accommodate the Aponogeton should not be without it.