As with a Vine, only put a strong cane into a rich border, use the knife courageously, and be sure of Grapes.

As single specimens of Pillar Poses, the following may be tried with confidence: -

Anna Alexieff

Anna Alexieff* free in growth, in foliage, and flowers - the latter of a fresh pure rose-colour, which makes the tree very distinct and charming.

Auguste Mie

Auguste Mie, an old favourite, having well-shaped globular flowers, of a delicate pearly-pink complexion, and blooming freely both in summer and autumn.

Baronne Prevost

Baronne Prevost, another noble, vigorous old lady, still holding her own in general society, if not at levees and balls (i.e., at the Rose shows). The flowers are very large, fragrant, and of a true rose-colour. Colonel Rouge-mont, closely resembling the Baroness, and in some points superior, is of a more weakly condition, and therefore less adapted for a Pillar Rose.

Caroline De Sansales

Caroline De Sansales, with outer petals of a pale flesh colour, deepening towards the centre, is a very lovely Rose, and still among the best of our light-coloured varieties.

Comte De Nanteuil

Comte De Nanteuil, from its abundance, depth, and arrangement of petal, is quite one of our best show Roses, although its complexion - bright rose on the tree - "rose vif," as the French term it - does not pass through the ordeal of exhibition so triumphantly as its grand and graceful form.

Ditchesse De Cambaceres

Ditchesse De Cambaceres, of robust habit (if Her Grace will pardon the expression), profuse and continuous in bloom; makes an admirable Pillar Rose. So do the two other Graces, namely: -

Duchess Of Norfolk

Duchess Of Norfolk, with her bright, deep crimson flowers, her large and glossy leaves, and Duchess of Sutherland, introduced by Monsieur Laffay in 1839, but still fresh, fair, and fragrant; and though surpassed as a model flower, a beautiful addition to the Rose-garden.

* All the Roses in this list, except Gloire de Bourdeaux, Gloire de Dijon, and Jaune Desprez, are of the Hybrid Perpetual family.

+ This Rose grows wonderfully on the manetti, and I received some years ago from Messrs Wood, of Maresfield, two specimens, which had made, in their first summer, shoots 18 feet long from the "bud".

Eugdne Appert

Eugdne Appert is very effective for the purpose under consideration, being conspicuous for the intensity of its glowing crimson hue3, and its dark-green lustrous leaves.

General Jacqueminot

General Jacqueminot, for so many summers the Rose of our gardens, is still a glory and grace, its petals, soft and smooth as velvet, glowing with vivid crimson, and its growth being free and healthful. I well remember the time when we welcomed this conquering hero, in his brilliant uniform, as being invincible; but development in Roses is no theory, as in certain schools of theology, but a sure reality, and the General must now pale bis ineffectual fire in the presence of such Roses as Charles Lefebvre. As a Pillar Rose, notwithstanding, he is not surpassed.

Gloire De Bourdeaux

Gloire De Bourdeaux is a Tea-Noisette, or rather it is classified among the Teas, and is a Noisette. It has been known latterly in the catalogues as Belle de Bourdeaux - Bacchus, as I suppose, having expostulated with Flora, and convinced her that the real glory of Bourdeaux is its wine - its Lafitte, Latour, and La Rose, of another description. Its numerous flowers are interesting - individually, from the striking contrast between the colours on cither side of the petals, these being of a rosy lilac without, and within of a pale silvery flesh colour; and en masse, effective and showy. It "grows like a willow," to use a gardener's phrase, much resembling in habit.

Gloire De Dijon

Gloire De Dijon, described among the Climbers, but excellent in every phase. Like Phyllis, it "never fails to please;" unlike Phyllis, it is never "coy".

Jaune Desprez, Noisette

Phcebus, what a name! Little thought poor Monsieur Desprez, when he sent out his seedling in the pride of his heart, that it would associate his name throughout the Rose-loving world with jaundice and bilious fever. Yellow Desprez, moreover, is not yellow,but buff or fawn colour, delici-ously fragrant, of beautiful foliage, blooms freely in autumn, and makes, with careful culture, a pretty Pillar Rose.

Jean Goujon

Jean Goujon, a handsome, healthful giant, with grand, well-shaped flowers of a deep rose-colour, well deserves a place in the front rank of Queen Rosa's Grenadier Guards.

Jules Margottin

Jules Margottin bears the honoured name of one who has enriched our Rose-gardens with many a precious treasure - Mons. Margottin of Bourg-la-Reine, near Paris; and no column could declare his praises so suitably, or perpetuate his fame so surely, as a pillar of this lovely Rose. I would rather that a pyramid of its sweet bright flowers bloomed above my grave, than have the fairest monument which art could raise. But "there's time enough for that," as the young lady observed to her poetical lover, when he promised her a first-class epitaph.

La Heine

La Heine, once Queen of the Hybrid Perpetuals, is still a most royal Rose; and, with the attention which royalty has a right to expect, will give magnificent blooms in a genial - that is, in a hot sunny - season. In wet or cold summers the immense buds do not open kindly. It is not, in fact, to be relied upon, like:

La Ville De St Denis

La Ville De St Denis, which, faithful as she is fair, and bounteous as she is beautiful, always gladdens us with flowers of exquisite symmetry, and of a deep fresh rosy pink.

Leopold Premier

Leopold Premier well deserves his title - I do not mean as Roi des Beiges, but as a Rose de la premiere qualite among the deep-red varieties. There is a lovely tinge of violet in its large symmetrical flowers, which makes it specially charming.

Lord Raglan

Lord Raglan is somewhat uncertain, but in his happiest mood superb, superlative. A sunbeam in a goblet of Burgundy may give you some idea of his mingled hues - crimson, purple, and glowing red; but all words of mine are powerless. So let him go, and we will drink the Burgundy in honour of those most winsome dames:

Madame Boll

Madame Boll, whose foliage alone, with the dew on it, is worth a getting up at sunrise to see, but having flowers to correspond of an immense size, exquisite form, and of a clear bright rose-colour.

Madame Boutin

Madame Boutin, one of our most certain and charming Rose3, of a light cherry crimson, or cerise hue, and of perfect shape; well described in a French catalogue as "bien faite, beau rouge, cerise vif".