Several years ago I was delighted to see a cut of this fine grass in the Garden, accompanied with the statement that it was hardy in Great Britain, and from the information thus received two New England florists imported plants which have repeatedly flowered with them since. Being somewhat of an admirer of grasses, several plants soon after came into my possession, which have also flowered, and I find it fully up to the high character with which its introduction was heralded.

From a later notice in the Garden I observe that it is still known in England as Arundo conspicua, but for what reason does not very clearly appear, seeing that it differs in some important particulars from Arundo - taking Donax as a proper representative Of the genus. In Donax the spikelets are three-flowered, flowers sessile and perfect, silky-villous at their base; styles, two; stamens, three; glumes about equal in length, and three-nerved; palea, three-nerved, slender, tricuspidate, and scarcely longer than the hairs.