E. H. New Bedford, Mass., writes: "I wish to ask a few questions to be answered through the columns of the Monthly. What is the proper thing to do with a collection of pot hybrid perpetual roses that have been forced, are now just going out of bloom? Shall I cut them back to encourage new growth, or re-pot them now? I wish to put them in the best condition to force again next winter. What treatment shall I give them; also through next summer what shall I do with them? Will the same lot of roses force as well again? My experience, as well as others about here, is, that one rose, the Gen. Jacquiminot does finely to force one year, after that it does not do well-a very poor bloomer. Will you also give me the names of twelve best roses to force in pots, mostly hybrid perpetuals? Also tell me how to prepare a lot of rhubarb plants to force next winter. I am not a florist, only an amateur. Have a small collection of orchids, tropical plants, and a greenhouse collection for my own enjoyment".

[The same roses ought to force very well year after year if properly treated. We saw the past season a General Jacqueminot forced that bad been forced the previous year when it was a young plant and had but three flowers. It was kept in the same pot all summer-not even re-potted, and the past winter had fifteen flowers on it. The practice suggested will be a good one. Move in in very early Spring, and get a good new growth during the Summer to get flower for next Winter. The pots containing the plants can be stood out as other pot plants are during the Summer season.

Rhubarb can be early forced. It requires no previous preparation. Dig up well established plants next Autumn, and plant in any half shady place where there is a little heat. Gardeners generally find a good place to be under greenhouse stage. - Ed. G. M].