" Constant reader" says : "I have been considerably troubled in my garden with a grub, the name of which I cannot give. A full grown one being about two inches long, white with reddish head. Last year it cut off all the roots of my young strawberries, ate potato tubers, beets, etc.; and seems to be particularly fond of lettuce. Am also told it does sad havoc with grass. Every one 1 speak to about it seems to know it, but no one can give me any remedy to get rid of it. I would ask you to be kind enough to give me some instructions through the Gardener's Monthly that will enable me to get rid of the pest".

[This seems to be the grub of the May beetle, for which we know of no remedy but birds, all kinds of which are fond of them. Nurserymen and florists are often troubled with them about their rose plants, carnations, etc.; and they generally employ boys to stir the earth carefully and pick them out. - Ed. G. M].