By S. B. Reed, New York; Orange, Judd & Co. It was well to think of a book like this, and it has been well executed. It is full of plans for residences, costing from $250 to $8,000, with all needed information about materials and details. Any one who may ever think of building a new house, or of altering an old, will find this a cheap book to have in the library. It will also be a valuable book to landscape gardeners.

How TO read-and hints on choosing the best books, by Amelie Y. Petit, New York, Published by S. E. Wells & Co. From Claxton, Remsen & Co. A very useful work, especially to those whose purses are limited, and yet wish to make selections in various departments of Literature.

The Deterioration of the Soils of Ohio.. By M. B. Bateham. A prize essay, and well worthy of that honor.