In the Gardener's Monthly for December, 1877, page 360, I noticed a few remarks on Steno-carpus Cunninghamii. We have a specimen here about fourteen feet high that promises an abundance of bloom in the course of three or four weeks. Mr. A. J. Edmonds' remarks on the growth are correct, and I can only add, that on our plant the blossom-buds are being produced on wood three or four years old, as well as on the two-year old; and I notice a cluster on wood that must be ten or twelve years old. How long it will continue in blossom after the flowers open, I cannot tell; but I will give you full particulars hereafter if you desire them.

The season here has been very dry, and bedding and flowering plants have suffered much for want of rain. We have no apples this year, but an abundance of pears and grapes. I do not recollect ever seeing pear trees looking so healthy and hearing so abundantly.