Baumforth's Seedling Raspberry

At one time some of our best raspberries either were foreign varieties, as Hornet, Soucheltii, North umberland Fill Basket, or were seedlings of foreign kinds; as for instance, Brinkle's Orange, Herstine, and Saunders. But the run for "perfectly hardy" kinds has left superior quality out of consideration, and indeed few new kinds have been introduced in the old world. Now we have Baumforth's Seedling, which is said to be superior to Northumberland Fill Basket.

Early Victor Grape

This was raised by John Burr of Leavenworth, Kansas. It is similar to Ives, but is said to be earlier and better than that well known vine.

Early Black-Cap Raspberries

Mr. Downing writes to the Rural New Yorker, that the Skowegan and Centennial are good kinds, and earlier than others now grown.

Jersey Queen Strawberry

Mr. Peter B. Mead has a good word for this new variety in the Rural New Yorker.

Pot Culture Of Strawberries And Grapes

" P. F.," Jersey City, N. J., says: - "Will some of the readers please give an amateur a few hints on growing and fruiting grape vines in pots, also on forcing strawberries in pots? "

Galls On The Red Spruce

What is known as the Chermes gall, which makes the ends of the branches appear like small brown cones, are very abundant in the red spruce this year. This species seems a great favorite with this insect, and it is one of the reasons why it is not a favorite with ornamental planters.

The Sun-Dial Plant

The correspondent who first made enquiry about this, now sends us a flower which proves to be the common Okra.

This and the Pimpernell, must settle it among themselves Which shall have the right to the name.

Wm. Rendle

This gentleman invented the plan of heating by hot water tanks. He died at Eastbourne, in England, on the 3rd of September, aged sixty one.

Weeping Willow

There has been so much of the imaginative mixed with the real - even "Encyclopaedias" copying without question incredible stories - that we have thought the chapter from the Philadelphia Public Ledger in another column, would interest our readers.

Sun Dial Plant

A correspondent says this is one of the English names of the Anagallis arvensis. The editor's children call it "poor man's weather glass," and take delight in watching its apparent relations to the weather.

George Hussmann

This well-known grape grower, who has been for forty-four years so closely identified with fruit growing in Missouri, and who has been for some years horticultural editor of Column's Rural World, has taken the presidency of the great vineyard enterprise of Col. Simonton, Napa City, California.