The Urbana Wine Company

We are sorry to learn that this company, one of the pioneers in the remarkable success which has followed grape culture over the United States, is not a financial success.

Mason's Seedling Grape

The want of first-class white grapes ought to be filled before a long time. This one is much praised in the West as a hardy, vigorous grower like Martha, but larger and better every way.

Large California Potatoes

California can produce large potatoes as well as large fruits. Of a variety called "Burbank's Sport," a paper before us says:

"the yield was something remarkable, being over one hundredfold, several of the tubers weighing four and a half pounds each. The product of some of the hills which were weighed was from fifteen to seventeen pounds each, and one hill gave twenty-seven pounds from a single eye. They received only common farm culture."

Japan Persimmon

According to the Southern Enterprise the Japan persimmon grows, and has produced fruit near Savannah, Georgia.

C. W. T., Bristol, Pa., says: - " I am sorry the Japan Persimmon is not going to turn out hardy in this latitude. I have eaten it grown on it's native soil, and thought it very fine. The specimens I partook of, were as large as a medium sized egg, and almost or quite seedless. In China it is called the Mandarin Plum."

Fruit Houses

I. C. W., Fishkill, N. Y., a correspondent who has had every success with these, promises to contribute a paper on the subject soon.

Muriate Of Potash For Pears

A correspondent inquires whether any one has had any experience with the imported article as a manure for the pear? He thinks it ought to be better than stable manure.

Mr. Parker Earle

This eminent Pomologist has taken charge of the horticultural department of the Farmer and Fruit Grower, of Northern Illinois. His many friends all over the Union will wish the paper every success, if it were only on Mr. Earle's account.

Alexander Pontey

Among the deaths of the past month, we are sorry to record that of Mr. Alex. Pontey, of Pontey & Taylor, one of the most enterprising nursery firms of Ontario. He died on the 25th of February at Westminster.

Barn Plans And Out Buildings

Published by Orange, Judd & Co., New York. We often hear residents of other States comment admir-inglp on Pennsylvania barns, and many would like to know how to build them. The frontispiece of this useful work represents a barn in Connecticut, but as it is "for all the world like some of these celebrated Pennsylvania barns, it will do to go by. Like many of these cheap books of Orange, Judd & Co. already known, it will be very useful to a numerous class.