Cattleya Dowiana

"C" asks : "Will some of the readers of the Monthly be so good as to give me some information concerning the treatment and habits of Cattleya Dowiana?"

Culture Of Clerodendron Imperiale

"E." says : " Will some of your readers, who have flowered Clerodendron Imperiale, kindly give me the result of their experience with it?"

Calceolaria Crenatifolia

"C. E. P." asks : "What is Calceolaria crenatifolia? and is Ficus radicans distinct from F. reptans ?"

[Calceolaria crenatifolia is an old Chiloean species, long since gone out of cultivation. The two Ficus are forms of one thing. - Ed. G. M].

Fruit Growing And Gardening In Florida

The Florida Dispatch notes the names and officers of twenty-four Horticultural and Fruit Growers' Societies which exist within the State.

The Grape Crop In The Lake Regions

According to appearances, this has been an unusually favorable season for the grape in the Lake regions.

Apple Crop Of Michigan

The crop is re. ported to be from one-half to three-fourths of an average crop. The impression is that the crop of the whole United States will be less than usual.

Vegetable Gardening About Louisville

The market gardeners about Louisville are in a happy state of mind this year. Many have gathered about seventy barrels of potatoes to the acre, that sold early in the season at $4.50 per barrel; and later on the yield increased to a hundred barrels to the acre, that sold for $3.25 per barrel. Onions and cabbage, too, have been very large and fine, and have sold at good prices.

Strawberry Burr's Pine

This very old variety is still extensively planted in many parts of Ohio. Its remarkably superior flavor, compensates for comparatively small size.

The Souhegan Raspberry seems to be regarded by a good many raspberry growers as one of the best of black caps.

The Lucretia Blackberry

The Dewberry has not hitherto given much to our lists of improved fruits, unless the Wilson should have had its parentage in some way connected with it, as some have guessed. But Mr. E. M. Teas says the Lucretia is a genuine Dewberry, found in West Virginia. It produces large luscious fruit, which ripens with the Mammoth Cluster Raspberry.

The Amsden Peach

This is getting praise in France. Reveu Horticole says two hundred trees grown by M. Baltet, rear Hyeres, yielded between 20th and 25th June, 3,500 kilogrammes of fruit.

Florida Oranges

The culture of the orange in Florida progresses wonderfully. Over fifty million were raised last year, according to what are regarded as reliable estimates.