Randolph County (Ind.) Horticultural Society

This society is following in the good work of Montgomery (Ohio) Horticultural Society, as we judge from a sample of its proceed ings now before us. The meetings are held on the grounds of amateurs, and are pleasant, social affairs, independent of the horticultural stimulus they give. On June 17th the meeting was at the house of D. E. Hoffman, at Winchester. They take dinner, then hold the meeting. On this occasion the discussions were wholly devoted to fruit culture.

Derby Arboretum

"J. B.," Cedar Falls, Iowa, says: "I was very glad to read in June number of Gardener's Monthly the communication from Wm. J. Harding respecting the Arboretum, Derby, England, my old home thirty years ago. How it revived old associations! It was open two days each week for the public. When I left, one day an entrance fee of one shilling was charged, the other day was free; the latter day was used chiefly by the poorer class.

Mr. H. B. Ellwanger's Rose Crosses

In the editor's notes of his Rochester visit, the remarkable crosses of Mr. Ellwanger were noticed, though the plants were not then in flower. The Country Gentleman quoting our remarks, adds: "The flowers of some of these new sorts, which we have had an opportunity of examining, are of great beauty ; one of them in particular is fully equal to the famed Alfred Colomb, if not its superior, while the growth of the bushes shows much vigor".

Propagating Hydrangea Paniculata

Mr. E. S. Carman says: "Referring to E. Williams's article - 'Propagating Hydrangea paniculata' - if cuttings be made from the half-ripened wood, they will strike in sand as readily as willow cuttings, or in soil either".

Imitation Flowers

A correspondent of a London paper asserts that imitation plants, in pots, are so perfect that a fashionable lady in London bought one, and after "growing" it for three months "under the rules," sent it to a floral exhibition, and had it returned with an indignant letter. It is at least a satisfaction to know that floral judges cannot yet be deceived. Some of these judges might find employment in American flower shows.

Yellow Calla Lily

At the Rochester meeting, flowers of the Richardia hastata were exhibited by Messrs. Hallet & Thorpe. The spathes are of a greenish yellow and dark base, and it is a very interesting addition to cultivated plants.

Grafting Epiphyllum

"J. B." says: "I wish you or some of your readers would give the proper method and time for grafting the Peres-kia stock with Epiphyllum. Also, the best mode of treatment during summer. Also, the best blooming varieties".