From secretary Garfield, Grand Rapids, Michigan - Without derogation to the work of other State societies, it will be only fair to this to speak of it as a model one, or of its report as a model document. The State society has successfully established auxiliary county societies which report to the central body, and receive all the aid and encouragement the central body can give to them. It has often occurred to us that this should be the aim of every State society, but did not know the plan was already in such successful operation as appears to be the case in Michigan ; and it must be observed that these societies appear to be genuine horticultural societies. Consideration is deservedly given to pomology. Fruit growing is an essential element of good culture, and no horticultural society is worthy of the name that does not honor it, and indeed, in many instances, give it the post of honor. But we have known professedly horticultural societies in which any attempt at general garden culture, outside the thousand acre, would be frowned upon; and if any member appeared at the meeting, in any other dress than cowhide boots or blue-jean pants, he would be regarded as too high toned for anything.

As for bringing a pot of primroses,or appearing with a buttonhole bouquet in the lappel of his coat, it would be regarded as an outrage on the Society. Evidently the day for all this low tone is gone. To judge from this admirable report the local societies are in the hands of the most intelligent ladies and gentlemen of the counties where they flourish, and the pleasures of gardening, as well as its profits, receive the consideration to which the subject is entitled.

Yet, as before noted, it is a pleasure to remark how admirably all matters connected with fruit culture are watched, and improvement developed. The local catalogues of fruits, founded somewhat on the plan of the American society's lists, is an excellent idea, and well done. It appears to us, from this report, that Michigan is leading in all branches of horticulture ; and those States which have thought themselves supreme must look to their laurels.