While Mr. and Mrs. Lemraon are so successfully introducing the tuberous-rooted species of potato of Arizona to culture, the French have fallen on what appears to be an entirely new species, which M. Carriere calls Solanum Ohrondii after Dr. Ohrond of the French Navy, who sent it from a small island at the mouth of the La Plata river. The tubers, so far, are only the size of filberts, but more is expected by selection. The plant has a very dwarf, bushy habit, and besides the tubers from under-ground stolons as in the ordinary potato, thready branches push out from the axils of the leaves and push down into the earth and make a tuber, much as the groundnut pushes its seed pod down beneath the surface. The plant is described, figured, and a long chapter given to it, in the November number of the Revue Horticole.