There is no part of the world in which some trouble does not follow the fruit raiser. The almond has been a profitable crop in California, and always will be, but some obstacle will always arise needing human ingenuity to overcome. We learn that the almond has proved unprofitable in most places. Colonel Hollister's almond orchard of 55,000 trees in Santa Barbara is an utter failure, though well cared for. The fruit is small and the hull adheres closely to the nut. Perhaps, in time, some more suitable variety may be found. The almond flourishes remarkably well in this vicinity (San Jose), some orchards yielding as high as $300 profit to the acre. Such soil is likely to be worth a fabulous price.

He says: " Compared with the Eastern States, where they have the beech, hickory in many varieties, the pecan, black walnut, besides all we have here, our list seems short. This branch of industry is quite new, and in time we may find numerous varieties suitable to our soil and climate".