In the American Naturalist for June we learn that, "1st, no clover does produce its seeds in this colony (New Zealand);" and " 2dly, some varieties are more fertile than others." How any variety can be called fertile in any sense, if " no clover does produce" any seed, is difficult to comprehend; but we have long ago shown that very much that appears in scientific serials about clover in New Zealand is not very reliable.

The American Naturalist explains, that it was a slip of the pen to say that clover does not seed in New Zealand.

It is remarkable how much misconception exists about this New Zealand clover subject. Though it is demonstrated that clover does seed fairly well, and that when it does not it is in no measure connected with insect agency, people are putting themselves to enormous trouble to try and introduce the humble bee; and a scientific serial announces that this has at length been accomplished, through keeping the bees in a torpid condition by the aid of ice during the journey.