"R. M. S.," Columbia, S. C, writes: " In the month of February we received a small package of grape seed, of the variety named above, from Senator Butler, to whom they were sent by General Haldeman, United States Minister to Siam. General Haldeman says this vine flourishes in Cochin China; grows to the length of 100 feet; bears 100 pounds or more of grapes; good for table or wine; dies annually, but reproduces itself from the tuber. The germination of the seed requires from two to three months. It may be done in pots. The seed have been distributed in small quantities to parties who have promised to experiment carefully with them and report results.' - 5". C. Agl. Report.

"What is the probable value of the Siam grape? Is it the same as the ' Soudan ' grape? Are either of them of any probable value here?

"Is it possible or probable that we will ever have a grape vine with annual growth of value, say bearing 100 pounds of grapes?"

[Our belief is that the value of these grapes is to some extent substantial. - Ed. G. M].