Mr. Hussman writes: "The grape and fruit crops promise to be very abundant this season, especially the first; the vines show unusual vigor, and there have been no frosts. If nothing happens I should not be in the least surprised if the State produced twenty million gallons of wine in 1884. I hope our fruits will be well represented at New Orleans next winter. At present we are feasting on such Black Tartarians and Nap. Bigarreau as I never saw East, and the strawberries are simply magnificent. Cherries and strawberries have been on the market of San Francisco for more than a month, especially the latter. Currants will follow, which are also magnificent here.

" About a month ago we had a real experience here, in shape of a genuine thunderstorm, and hail of the size of marbles, which lay three inches thick in our vineyards. They played sad havoc among our young fruits and part of our vineyards; fortunately it was but a narrow streak, therefore did not extend far".