This monthly magazine, now in its twelfth year, commences its new series with the November number, and with a change of publishers. It is now issued from Edinburgh, instead of London. It has been from the first a good forestry serial, but it improves with every change. There is no reason why those who are interested in forestry should be confined, in their rambles through a wood, to a discussion of the number of cubic feet in a log, or the price the log will bring in market. Useful, nay, essential as these topics are, they do not comprise the whole of forest life. It has always seemed to the writer of this that if he had not been borne down by a weight of other pursuits, there is nothing he would like better than to be the editor of a forestry journal. The range of topics of general interest is almost unbounded, and there is no reason why such a magazine should not be a welcome visitor to the almost universal man who loves to roam through field and forest. The next best pleasure to enjoying it himself, is to see others laboring in the same field. This magazine has been from the first one in which something more is to be found than mere essays read at Forestry conventions, useful as these essays no doubt are.

With every change it seems to approach nearer and nearer to our ideal of a Forestry journal. We believe in its present course it will be more and more acceptable to readers in this country, as well as in its own immediate home. C. & R. Anderson, Edinburgh, Scotland, are now the publishers.