In answer to "Mrs. J. G. M.," of Buffalo, for fifteen hardy roses, I would name the following: Hybrid Perpetuals: Alfred Colomb, Antonie Mou-ton, Auguste Mie, Beauty of Waltham, Caroline de Sansal, Gen. Jacqueminot, Gen. Washington, John Hopper, Jules Margottin, La Reine, Madam Laffay, Madam Victor Verdier, Maurice Bernar-din, Prince Camille de Rohan, Senateur Vaisse, Victor Verdier. With a little protection the following may be added of Hybrid Noisettes: Ba-ronne de Maynard, Coquette des Alps, M. Alired de Rougemont, Perle des Blanches, and La France, if the plant can be grown strong, otherwise the buds will not open. Summer Roses: Madam Plantier, M. Hardy and Persian Yellow. Of Bourbons: Appoline and Hermosa, these have done well here for the past five or six years without any protection. These are not all the good roses that can be grown here, but are some of the best old sorts, and are likely to give satisfaction. I have seen over one hundred varieties in full bloom, that had had no other protection than a covering with the plow. Climbers: Queen of the Prairie and Baltimore Belle are the best, to which may be added Gem of the Prairie and Mrs. Hovey. For Pillar Roses: C. Jules Margottin and C. Victor Verdier. I cannot say that tree roses are a success here.

I know a few that have done well, but by far the greater number fail.