The Florida Dispatch referring to the first tree of the Peen-to peach grown in the United States, says:

"The tree was raised from seed obtained from Australia by P. J. Berckmans, of Augusta, Ga.; but the climate of ' Fruitland,' not being favorable to the production of this very early peach, Mr. Berckmans induced Col. Yniestra to plant a few of the trees at 'Belle Vue.' The result was most gratifying and satisfactory. In 1875-6 (we believe) one of the trees first came into bearing, and produced, the second year, twelve hundred peaches. When it was discovered that this fruit was likely to prove so valuable to Florida, Mr. Berckmans immediately put it in propagation, and many buds were also disseminated over the State from the Yniestra tree. Now it is scattered far and wide throughout all parts of Florida, and deservedly ranks as our best and most valuable early peach - having ripened on Escambia Bay, last season, as early as the 14th of April.

"The specimens sent us by Colonel Yniestra were far superior, in size and flavor, to any we have ever seen - one or two specimens measuring 8 1/2 inches in circumference. This suggests very promising possibilities in the future culture of this peach".