Ivy Leaves

We have a large lot of material on our table this month, with no word of who from, or for what purpose sent. The letters and parcels often come in at different mails, and it is hard to connect them. Here is a box of the English ivy leaves. They vary; some very sharply lobed, - others nearly round. If they were sent to show variation on the same plant, it is a way the ivy has. The leaves are less lobed as it approaches a flowering stage; when in flower the upper leaves are almost round.

Gardeners And Situations

"W. F.," writes: "The article on the 'American Gardener,' and his condition in America, was certainly the best I have ever seen on this subject. It was as just as it was true. The commercial gardeners might be added, for, with but few exceptions, their condition is very little better. Many thanks to the author".

Writing In Second And Third-Class Mail Packages

So many persons are ignorant or indifferent to the law regarding enclosing written matter in other packages than sealed letters, that the Government finds a very handsome profit in employing a regular hand to open numbers of them. We have had some very stiff sums to pay recently on packages with writing enclosed. This is penny wise and pound foolish with a vengeance - only it is the wise man who pays for others' folly.

Republic County (Mich., We Suppose) Horticultural Society

By a document on our table we find that a very successful horticultural society, of which Dr. Peake is President, has been organized at this place.

The Oak-Leaved Hydrangea

A double-flowered Thomas Hogg may be a novelty as a pot plant or in Southern gardens, but a really handsome and seldom seen shrub in Northern gardens is Hydrangea quercifolia. It makes a beautiful compact bush, with large ornamental brownish downy leaves, and in June and July has oblong panicled cymes containing many white sterile flowers. It is hardy at Boston.

Five Acres Of Roses

The block of Ellwanger & Barry is described by a correspondent to have been magnificent this season. They are mostly grafted on the Manetti stock which adds materially to their vigor and luxuriance.

Late Flowered Roses

The rose bug was unusually numerous this season about Philadelphia, and it was quite a labor to have good flowers. But the Prairie roses had the advantage of not appearing till the rose bugs were gone. If only some one could give odor to a Prairie rose, it would be a good class to improve.

Rose Perle D'Or

A yellow Polyantha rose under this name is recorded among recent novelties.