Preserving Liquid For Fruits

A correspondent asks, and we shall be very glad to have a reply: "I desire to collect fruits and vegetables for the New Orleans Exposition. I am told that the fruits, cherries, peaches, plums, etc., must be preserved in glass jars in some fluid that will not change their natural color. Will you do me the kindness to tell me what fluid will best preserve the fruit in its natural color".

Forest Trees Of Florida

Mr. A. H. Curtis has published a list of the forest trees of Florida, by which it appears the State has 180 species, or one-eighth of all found in the United States.

The Timber Supply Of California

"It is difficult to estimate with accuracy," says the Mercury, "the quantity of wood yearly consumed in San Jose, but well-informed wood dealers say it is not far from 10,000 cords outside of the manufacturing establishments, which probably use as much more, making the total consumption about 20,000 cords. Most of this, perhaps three-fourths, comes from the Santa Cruz Mountains".

Natural History And Science. Note On Caltha Palustris

I read in the Gardeners' Monthly for June, Mr. J. F. Clark's notes on his finding Caltha palustris; and also your notes on the distribution of the same plant. I would say, that it is found here in Eastern Massachusetts, in great abundance in early spring, and I have seen as much as an acre covered at one time. It does best in a wet place covered with water; and is used as a pot-herb, the stems and leaves being the parts used.

Boston, Mass.

The Loco Weed

A correspondent kindly sends us a note that the "Loco weed" from the Indian territory, which makes horses crazy, was exhibited by J. W. Gorham at the May meeting of the Mass. Hort. Society. As some half dozen or more plants go under the suspicion, a splendid chance to tell just what the plant is has been lost.

Mr. J. C. Grcenwegen

This name will be familiar to our readers through Wiegelia Grcenweg-enii and other plants. He was curator of the Botanical Garden at Amsterdam. His death at 73 years of age occurred in the end of June.

Dr. GoiPPERT - one of the best known of European botanists, died recently at Breslau in his 84th year.

Rare Botanical Works

Foote's Monthly Bulletin for July, published in Philadelphia, is devoted wholly to botany, and gives possibly the largest catalogue of rare works ever offered for sale in this country.

The Game Fish Of The North

By Robert Barnewell Roosevelt. Superior Fishing - by the same author.