Some gardeners in the old world remain a long time in a situation. Mr. Mathison, who recently died, was gardener at Bowhill, one of the seats of the Duke of Buc-cleugh, for about sixty years. He was still in service when he died, though ninety years of age. The Duke also died a few weeks after. He was for many years President of the Royal Horticultural Society, and a princely patron of gardening.

Jean Verschaffelt - of Ghent, Belgium, well known to lovers of flowers all over the world, and especially by Coleus Verschaffeltii in American summer bedding plants, died on the 20th of April, in his seventy-fourth year.

Mons. Alphonse Lavallee - well known in this country by his admirable works and experiments in French arboriculture, died on the 3rd of May, at his home at Segrez. We suppose he must have been little beyond middle age. He was introduced to the writer in 1861 by the late Elias Durand, as a " young man who had decided to devote his wealth to the cause of arboriculture".