Ampelopsis Japonica

Some of the English nurserymen are selling our common poison vine, Rhus radicans, under this name, and are being badly punished for their deceit or ignorance. The newspapers report numbers being badly poisoned by handling or cutting it. They will be as sorry for introducing this pest after awhile, as Americans are for importing their sparrows.

Primula Sieboldii

This Japan species, very distinct from other species of Primrose, seems growing in favor as a pot flower in Europe, - and may rival the good old Chinese primrose in popular affection before long.

New Double Pomegranate

A double red variety, but with the petals margined with white, has been produced in France. There is also a double white one there.

Good Basket Plants

For hanging-baskets in rooms where there is some shade, there are few things better than the running varieties of Trades-cantias, the various sorts of Begonias, and especially the different kinds of Ivy-leaf Geranium. The latter indeed proves to be the gem of basket plants.

Bulb Vase

A very pretty style is described by the Revue Horticole. It is globular with a small opening at the apex in which a Hyacinth is planted. The globular portion is full of holes, from which Crocusses emerge. This combination is in harmony with the configuration of the vase and the effect is very pleasing to an artistic taste.

Dandelion As A Window Plant

Since our notice of the successful culture of the Dandelion as a window plant by a Philadelphia lady, the gardening papers of the Old World are filled with paragraphs recommending it. It is to be observed, however, that it requires to be in the full sunlight if we would have the full benefit of its golden blossoms. They do not expand fully where there is no sun.

Type Of A First-Class Hyacinth

Judges often hesitate as to how to decide on the contesting merits of Hyacinths. One rule is, that the leaves should be broad and healthy, but not too long, and not project much above where the flowers begin on the spike. The flower head with its sustaining stalk should be nearly double the length of the leaves. The flower head itself should form a regular cylinder, though slightly tapering at the top.

Chrysanthemums And The Cut Flower Trade

November has been a serious month with cut flower growers in large cities. The rage for chrysanthemums threw other flowers out of a great measure of popularity, and spoiled the sales.


L. Henry, in the Belgian Bulletin de Floriculture, contends that after trying the various special manufactured remedies, he is convinced that tobacco juice in its different forms is still the best insecticide.