The improvement in double Zinnias within a few years has been quite marked, both in greater variety and more brilliant colors, and also in the habit of the plants. Two valuable strains are added this year, the Z. elagans robusta grandiflora plenissima of Lorenz (better call it Mammoth Zinnia for short) and the Zebra of Henderson. The former are, with me, now much larger than the old double sorts, and of good, bright colors, and give promise of coming up to the grower's description when the plants are matured. The Zebra is a decided acquisition. I have about two hundred plants, more than fifty per cent. of which show the distinctive variegation, the stripes on some being quite broad, and some have one-half of the flower of one color and the other half of another. The stripes are mostly of two or three shades of red on a yellow, cream-colored or white ground, and on some flowers the stripes are more or less broken into fine streaks or spots.