Among garden bulbs, the Gladiolus is perhaps one of the most popular, or at least is in a fair way of becoming so. The introduction of Gandavensis, a few years since, gave a new impetus to their cultivation, and in the hands of the French they have been made to take their place among the gayest flowers of the garden. Not their least recommendation is the easy manner in which they may be grown, any common garden soil suiting them well; though, in common with all other plants, they make a grateful return for any labor bestowed upon them. A very rich soil is not the best for them, as it is apt to make their colors run. Old manure from a hot-bed, with some vegetable mould, thoroughly incorporated with the soil, is about as good as any thing that can be used; the manure, however, should be used sparingly. They may be planted singly, or two or three together, and provided with a stake. The crown or top of the bulb should be about two inches beneath the surface. In the fall the bulbs are to be taken up, and stored in a green-house or cellar, free from frost.

But we only design to give a list We examined last season upwards of a hundred varieties at Mr. Bridge-man's, at Astoria; and, in order to help our readers to make a good selection of those already known, we append a list of twenty-four which we marked best. Some of the new kinds, of which we have just received a fine collection from Messrs. Thorburn, may prove to be even better than those named; there are others also nearly or quite as good as those in our list, and these should not be forgotten. The improvement is still going on, and the best we now have may soon be surpassed. The following, however, can not fail to give satisfaction.

Madame Haquin

Madame Haquin, blush, heavily flaked with lilac purple; lower petals shaded yellow, and marked with rosy purple.

Madame Pauline

Madame Pauline, blush white, sometimes heavily flaked with rose; heavy crimson purple, feathered blotch on all but lower petals.

Madame Paillet

Madame Paillet, rosy pink, slightly flaked with scarlet; dull purple blotch on lower petals, and frosted.

Madame De Vatry

Madame De Vatry, pure white; lower petals shaded yellow, and feathered with crimson.


Danae, snowy white, delicately flaked with deep rose; lower petals tinged with reddish buff.


Clemence, blush pink, heavily flaked with cherry scarlet; lower petals shaded, and marked with crimson maroon.

Compt De Morny

Compt De Morny, deep rose, flaked with maroon; lower petals white, shaded with crimson.

Don Juan

Don Juan, deep rose and dark scarlet, mottled and flaked; lower petals shaded golden yellow, with single stripe of maroon through the centre.

Due De Malakoff

Due De Malakoff, rose, flaked with scarlet maroon; lower petals shaded white and yellow, and marked with crimson maroon.

Eugene Verdier

Eugene Verdier, white, flaked with rosy violet; lower petals blotched with rose-and marked with carmine.


Imperatrice, blush white, delicately flaked with rose; lower petals feathered with crimson; good form.


Vulcain, deep fiery scarlet, richly shaded; the darkest of all.

Victor Verdier

Victor Verdier, rich fiery scarlet, with heavy shade of black maroon on lower petals; good form.

Madame Truffaut

Madame Truffaut, pink, flaked with cherry; heavy dark maroon blotch on lower petals; large.


Adonis, salmon pink, shaded with crimson lake; lower petals tinged buff, and distinctly feathered with crimson.

Berthe Rabourdin

Berthe Rabourdin, pure white ground, slightly flaked with rose; heavy blotch of crimson on lower petals.


Mars, vivid scarlet; lower petals shaded pale yellow, and heavily feathered with ruby maroon.

Mathilde De Landevoisin

Mathilde De Landevoisin, blush white; lower petals distinctly feathered with purple maroon; fine form.

Napoleon III

Napoleon III, brilliant scarlet; lower petals pale yellow, marked with maroon.


Ophir, buff yellow, flaked with rosy crimson; lower petals shaded bright yellow, and feathered with chocolate brown.


Oracle, rich rose, tinged with violet, and delicately flaked with scarlet; lower petals shaded yellow, and marked with purple.


Othello, very brilliant scarlet vermilion; lower throat clear yellow, feathered with deep crimson.


Penelope, blush pink, sometimes flaked with cherry scarlet; lower petals shaded yellow, and marked with maroon; very large.

Premices De Mont Rouge

Premices De Mont Rouge, rich rose and fiery scarlet, handsomely shaded; fine form.