Notwithstanding what may be said, a large number of the hybrid perpetual roses grown and sold are budded on the Manatti stock, and at this season of the year the cultivator of such roses needs to watch carefully the shoots from his rose-bushes, lest some of them prove to be only the stock or a sucker from its roots, which, if left to grow, will in a very short time rob the main plant in such a degree as soon to destroy it. The sucker or false shoot can be easily detected by its habit, spiny wood, reddish color, etc., and should be at once rubbed out.

To the Editor of the Horticulturist: There is considerable force in the remark you made lately, that of the small list of apples recommended as successful over a large extent of our country, half or thereabouts were recommended by the veteran Coxe fifty years ago.

But there has been progress, nevertheless, for an examination of his valuable and interesting work will show that for summer he had nothing equal to Early Joe, while for fall Ohio Nonpareil is beyond his best. And it is questionable if any variety he describes approaches anywhere near Rome Beauty and Ben Davis for profitable orcharding. R. J. B.

Fairfield Co., Ohio, April, 1868.

Continue to sow peas two or three times during the early part of this month, for the purpose of lengthening out the season. Veitch's Perfection and Traite's King of the Marrows are two good kinds to sow at this time.