1. Baronne Prevost

Bright rose color, a very large flower, strong, vigorous, free grower, blooming freely from June till November. Always opens its blooms well, whether in the heat of summer, or the cold damp weather of November. Well suited for a large clump. A most magnificent Rose.

2. Dr. Marx

Rich carmine color, large flower, strong, robust grower, opening its flowers freely, both in summer and autumn. Will make a splendid dark mass. A very beautiful Rose.

3. Duchess Of Sutherland

Mottled rose color, bright and clear: free, vigorous grower, will contrast with Dr. Marx, or Geant des Batailles. A beautiful flower.

4. Geant Des Batailles

Dazzling crimson, the nearest approach to scarlet in this class; very free grower, and one of the most abundant bloomers, flowering from June to December, and invariably opening its blooms well. It will contrast well with any of the light flowers which follow. A bed of this under a bright sun, is almost too brilliant for the eye to rest on.

5. La Reine

Brilliant glossy rose, very large, has the appearance of a true perpetual Cabbage, but much larger; strong robust grower, and free bloomer. This, like Baronne Prevost, forms a magnificent clump. A grand flower, well worthy of its name.

6. Madame Laffay

Bright crimson, very fragrant; free, vigorous grower, and an abundant bloomer from the end of May till the middle of December. Expands its flowers well, and never fails to give them in abundance. One of the most useful of Roses, and admirable for a clump.

7. Standard Of Marengo

Brilliant crimson; will, I doubt not, be equal to the Geant des Batailles, but is as yet rather scarce.

8. William Jesse

Lilac crimson, a large and fine flower, strong grower; forms a splendid mass.