A thorough good rose is Hybrid Perpetual Etienne Levet; and this so completely established its character as a good autumnal flower, that its general good qualities may be taken for granted. This is of a shaded brilliant rosy hue, flushed with violet; the habit appears to be all that could be desired.

Tea, Madame Cecille Berthod

Tea, Madame Cecille Berthod, is a beautiful, bright pale yellow flower, of remarkably fine build and substance, and a free grower; it is a variety showing the possession of a great deal of refinement.

Tea, Madame Camille

Tea, Madame Camille, has full and finely cupped smooth flowers, with a great deal of petal; the color flush on the exterior, with bright salmon, buff center.

Tea, Madame Jules Margottin

Tea, Madame Jules Margottin is a charming Tea Rose; the circumference of the flower, flesh white, the center primrose and nankeen in the bud state, it is simply perfection; the habit is vigorous and free, and it has a most desirable upright growth.