THE beneficial influence of a weak alkali wash upon the bark of fruit .trees is of long standing acknowledgment. Its action is in expansion of the pores, while at the same time it is destructive of all insect life, sporadic or otherwise. Writers or theorists differ as to the best time to apply it: but we have always found that if good common sense be used in preparing it, the time of application is always good. And now for the preparation. If you use purchased potash, reduce it so that you can bear your finger in it half a minute or more without a tingling or sore sensation. If you can obtain good soft soap from the refuse grease and lye of ashes saved up dry, then take it and reduce it (the soap) down, not to a suds, but so that it will not be ropy when used by a soft whitewash brush. Use it freely, and it matters not materially just when, but say now, and any time most convenient until 1st of July; but after that time it is perhaps better to wait till the next year. - American Farm Journal.

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