Pursuant to a notice for a meeting of the Horticultural Society, for the purpose of making arrangements for the annual exhibition, quite a large body of young men met at the court house, on the evening of the 26th ult, to make such arrangements as were necessary for the coming exhibition. Upon nominations for officers for the ensuing year the following persons were chosen:-

For President - Noah Divelbiss; Treasurer - R. M. Ridgely; Secretary - H. Post.

Resolved, That our annual exhibition be held in Metropolitan Hall, and the secretary to report at the next meeting, upon what terms the hall could be obtained.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to confer with the officers of the different railroads, to make arrangements for carrying to and from the exhibition, as is usual at such times. Said committee to be Messrs. Mather, Christian and Dean.

Resolved, That a committee of twelve be appointed as a committee of arrangements, to meet on Monday evening (28th inst.,) at this place, to make the necssary preparations for the exhibition, appointing committees, etc, etc.

The following persons were chosen:-

Messrs. Conkling, M. Doyle, Primm, Mayo, R. Ridgely, Rayburn, Lloyd, Christian Kim-ber, Dean, Conant and Butler.

Resolved, That the proceedings of the meeting be published in the city papers.

Meeting adjourned to Tuesday evening, 29th, to meet at same place. - Noah Divelbiss, President. - H. Post, Secretary.