June brings its strawberries with much more certainty than most fruits, and while our pages are flying through the land on the wings of the modern iron-horse, it may be hoped that the line upon line and precept upon precept that this journal has enforced are now giving full and plenty of strawberries and cream to all who read it. But did ever anybody smell the scent of a strawberry bed when its leaves are fading, except good Lady Ludlow?

The authoress of "Mary Barton," and the "Life of Charlotte Bronte," has penned a series of tales entitled "Bound the Sofa," from which we make a short extract for the sake of its relation to our topics, and because, in the language of another, "It is like a draught of good clear ale to a stomach surfeited with ginger-beer and lemonade".

"Attar of Roses, again, Lady Ludlow disliked. She said it reminded her of the city and of merchants' wives, - over-rich, over-heavy, in its perfume; and Lilies of the Valley somehow fell under the same condemnation. They were most elegant and graceful to look at (my lady was most candid about this); flower, leaf, color - everything was refined about them but the smell; that was too strong. But the great hereditary faculty on which my lady piqued herself, and with reason - fori never met with any other person who possessed it - was the power she had of perceiving the delicious odor arising from a bed of strawberries in the late autumn, when the leaves were all fading and dying. ' Bacon's Essay' was one of the few books that lay about in my lady's rooms; and if you took it up and opened it carelessly, it was sure to fall apart at his 'Essay on Gardens.' 'Listen,' her ladyship would say,' to what the great philosopher and statesman says: - ' Next to that (he is speaking of violets,) my dear, is the musk rose, of which you remember the great bush at the corner of the south wall, just by the blue drawing-room windows. That is the old musk rose, - Shakspeare's musk rose - which is dying out through the kingdom now.

But to return to my Lord Bacon: 'Then the strawberry leaves, dying with a most excellent cordial smell!' Now, the Hanburys can always smell this excellent cordial odor, and very delicious and refreshing it is......My dear, remember that you try if you can smell the scent.of dying strawberry leaves in this next autumn. You have some of Ursula Hanbury's blood in you, and that gives you a chance'".