Mr. Charles . Hammet makes and furnishes Aquaria at Newport, R. I. His agent in Philadelphia is J. W. Queen, 924 Chestnut Street. It is rather amusing to read his list of prices of the living contents: Green weeds are 10 to 12 cents each; Sea Anemones, (Actinia) 12 to 75 cents; Star Fish 12; Serpula 12; Crustacea 12 to 37; Molluscs 12 cents to $4.50 per doz.; Fish 6 to 50 cents each: all "according to kinds and quality/' All appliances' are to be had: as, net on copper wire with handle, 25 cents; copper hook on handle for arranging objects, 12 cents; spoon on handle for removing objects, 20 cents; real sea water, per gallon, 10 cents, and so forth. Soldier Crabs, King Crabs, Flat Fish and Sticklebacks, with "small Sheep's Head," and "small Lobsters," at "reasonable prices." It must be a novel feeling to those long neglected marine wonders to find themselves in " a lady's parlor," and the pets of a fire-side. At nest it is only a little to be preferred, some experiences prove, to being boiled at once, for want of proper care.

Aquaria #1

Mr. Davis, of Fulton street, New York, probably having an inkling of our piscatorial propensities, has sent us a very beautiful aquarium, well stocked with fish and tadpoles. It is very tastefully made, and we are much pleased with it. An aquarium is a beautiful and instructive object, and should be in every house where there are children - no matter what their growth.